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December 5, 2009 | JAKARTA, Japanese & Korean Cuisine, South Jakarta

I heard about this Takoyaki seller several months ago and I urged SC to try it with me. So one night, we went to Melawai area and start looking for this place. From what I heard, it was just a stall perched in front of Kushigin Japanese restaurant at Melawai IX street, but it we couldn’t find it. Later we decided to park and go on foot to find the place. We finally found it in a Padangnese restaurant called Padang Sisi. It was quite weird to found a Takoyaki seller inside a restaurant serving West Sumatra dishes. We ordered a portion of Takoyaki (たこ焼き) 25K for 12pcs and watched them prepare the dish. It was quite good, but slightly dangerous as there are plenty of opportunities to burn your tongue if you’re not careful 😛

RM. Padang Sisi
Jl. Melawai IX (turn left form Ajihara restaurant)
Blok M – Jakarta
ph. 0816 4824610

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  • reverie

    wwaaahh….thks Jenz,
    we’ve been searching for this ~ sejak di rapihkan, mobil takoyakinya hilang entah kemana. hope yg jualan sama (just numpang aja di resto itu)

  • febee

    Jeennz..jadi kangen deh gue kesini. Sayang yah tempat nya mblusuk2 di rumah makan padang gitu…

  • syntia

    love it so much….pernah beli di daerah melawai di depan supermarket jepang…kamome klo gk salah nama supermarketnya…4pcs-15rb….so yummy…

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