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July 24, 2008 | Central jakarta, INDONESIAN CUISINE, JAKARTA

We had dinner with a friend several weeks ago while he’s in town. It was Friday afternoon and Jakarta traffic is very crazy that night. It took us about 45 minutes to reach Plaza Senayan from Plaza Semanggi. We decided to try this new & fancy restaurant called Te Sa Te. This place is a more upscale version of Satay House Senayan, with a wall separating the smoking & non smoking section. We were led into the non smoking section through a white & futuristic looking hall. The inside is quite spacious, accented with traditional carved wood panel. There are several hanging lights shaded with prints of Javanese scripts.

te sa te

The menu is quite extensive, mostly of Javanese selection. We decided to order: sate kambing 57K, sop buntut (NZ) (aromatic oxtail soup, infused with exotic herb and spices) 69K, tahu telur (textured, wok fried egg, contrasted with silky soft, white tofu. the robust soy sauce and peanut sprinkles, match the richness of the egg) 39K, sambal bawang (made from bird eye chilli and shallot) 8K, nasi merah (high fiber steamed red rice) 8K, nasi gurih (savoury rice, flavoured with coconut milk) 10K, ginger tea 16K, wedang kacang (tender peanut slowly cooked in wedang, served with flavoured syrup) 16K, and pisang gulung (banana rolled-up in a flour sheet and fried to a crisp, served with a dollop of coconut ice cream) 29K. Delicious food, great presentation, plus friendly service. However, the dishes all feel like a tamer version of their kaki lima counterparts and the chilli was not hot enough for me. Quite expensive, but well worth the price.

te sa te

Te Sa Te
Plaza Senayan 4th floor unit CP411
ph. +62(21) 5725 521
fx. +62(21) 5725 356

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  • herru

    quite expensive indeed

  • Venny

    Jen, sambal bawang yg lo maksud itu sama dengan samburud?

  • wawabear

    yup, kehitung mahal buat makanan indo, mungkin bayar tempatnya yg mahal ya.

  • jenz

    @venny: beda ven, sambelnya ngga berminyak kaya sambel bawangnya samburud. secara penampakan lebih mirip sambal sere tabia – bali. cuman rasa kalah jauh.

  • chiquita

    kalo secara rasa, sama satay house senayan sama nggak ?
    kalo sama, gue akan tetep setia sama satay house senayan. soalnya lebih murah :p

  • jenz

    secara rasa sih kayanya seimbang kali ama sate house senayan. cuman gw kayanya lebih demen ama tahu telornya tesate

  • shinngo

    expensive but the place is quite happening these days, yang desain identitynya aja LeBoYe ya pantesan mahal lah!

  • Jeffrey

    mbak, mau tanya nih..kalau menurut mbak restaurant yg menunya mirip satay house senayan tapi harganya yg lebih ekonomis ada ngak?
    Te Sa Te ownernya sama ngak dengan satay house senayan? aku jadi pingin buka nih…ada saran ngak?

  • jenz

    wah.. kalo yang khusus nyajiin macem2 sate2an kurang tau deh. klo ‘te sa te’ sih satu management sama sate house. klo mo yang lebih ekonomis mungkin bisa coba paket2 di sate house xpress

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