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June 16, 2012 | Beverages, Cakes, Bread & Dessert, Medan

On the same day when we visited Macehat, we stopped by Sun Plaza Medan to spend some time before going to Kampung Madras for Indian food. We went looking for a coffee shop, but unfortunately all of the coffee shops we found in the mall allow smoking inside the store and those that have non-smoking section don’t have proper separation. *sigh

Teddy Coffee Medan

At last we found this cute coffee shop, next to the Teddy Bear store called Teddy Coffee. The interior is so cute that it looked like the cafe was designed for ladies. Smoking is allowed, but thankfully they also have another seating island, quite far from the smoking section, so we chose to sit there.

Teddy Coffee Medan

While reading their menu, I was quite interested to try the ‘gianduja chocolate cake’, but it was not available at the moment, so we ordered a cup of peppermint tea with apple crumble. The tea came in a very cute teddybear shaped teacup & saucer, plus the apple crumble is also shaped like a teddybear’s head. The apple crumble was quite delicious, but later on we decided to try their ‘four season cake’ which look like a strawberry cheese cake. The taste was so weird and artificial, and it was also too sweet. Perhaps we’ve picked the wrong cake. Next time, I’ll stick with their coffee & tea.

Teddy Coffee
Sun plaza 2nd Floor
ph. +62 (61) 4501988
fx. +62 (61) 4501988

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