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August 29, 2012 | Central jakarta, International Cuisine, JAKARTA, With Pork

Last month I went to try this newly opened restaurant called Tee 9 with several of my food blogger friends. I prefer trying new restaurants on my own like this, rather than going to food tasting events and then getting the pressure to write a good piece about the place. After all, I started this blog purely because I want to share my eating experience, not because I was hoping for some free meals + doing free PR for restaurants.


So anyway, Tee 9 is perched in front of the new Indosurya building next to UOB/Thamrin 9 building. The place is spacious and nicely designed with separated smoking (outdoor) & non-smoking (indoor) area. A friend’s comment led to believe that Tee 9 is a contemporary Chinese restaurant, but apparently the menu offers just a little bit of everything, from udon to pizza. So, we ordered salmon tartare (finely chopped raw salmon, avocado, baby veggies, black bean & crostini) 115K, soft shell crab (tempura battered crab & chili jam) 75K and risotto of veal ossobucco (5 hour slow cooked veal shin, rich tomato sauce, fresh peas & grated parmesan) 135K to share. The waiter also suggested something off the menu called pork belly pizza 45K, so we ordered that too.

  • tee-9-soft-shell-crab
  • tee-9-pork-belly-pizza
  • tee-9-risotto-of-veal-ossobucco
  • tee-9-salmon-tartare
  • tee-9-baby-pavlova

After waiting for a while, the dishes came. The dish I liked best was the salmon tartare as the salmon was very fresh. The soft shell crab was also good, crunchy, but I think the sambal terasi didn’t go well with the dish. The risotto was very good as well, refreshing with a nice tomato sauce. I like risotto, but usually I feel very full after eating it because it was too creamy. Fortunately this time, since it’s for share, I ate just about enough not to feel too full. The pizza, unfortunately, missed the mark for me. Although the dough was quite thin, the topping was too sweet for my liking. After that for dessert, we ordered baby pavlova (meringue, crème chantilly, fresh fruit & pistachios) 50K. I must say that I’m not a big fan of meringue because it tends to get very sweet, fortunately Tee 9’s baby pavlova got a perfect sweetness for my palate, paired with some strawberry and banana slices, it was a perfect dessert to end our lunch.

Tee 9
Gedung Indosurya Plaza
Jl.MH Thamrin Kav 8-9
Lobby Level
Jakarta 10230
ph. +62(21) 31906198

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  • Rezza

    Good to have you back doing real reviews. Hope you do lots more.

  • vebbi

    100% agree with you about PR and free meals 🙂

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