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June 14, 2009 | Bali, Italian Cuisine

From babi guling bu Oka, we walked to Terazo several doors away to find some dessert and cool down a bit before we continue to our next dish. We ordered Tiramisu with passion fruit soup (small) 48K to share. The presentation was very attractive and the passion fruit (markisa) gave a sour-ish taste for the tiramisu, unusual but in a good way. However, we detected almost no hint of coffee. I think I still prefer original tiramisu than this fusion one. After that, I was interested to try gazpacho soup (a cold Spanish tomato-based raw vegetable soup) 35K, so I ordered it. Unfortunately, it was too sour for my taste, so I let SC finish it for me 🙂

Restaurant & Bar
Jl. Suweta, Ubud,
Bali -Indonesia
ph. +62(361) 978941

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