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February 23, 2006 | JAKARTA, Thai & Vietnam Cuisine, West Jakarta

Last week we had lunch at Thai Express (From their name, I guess they served Thai food in an express way) Mall Taman Anggrek. Decorated in nice and clean ambiance, the kitchen is visible from the dining room, there for everyone to see. They offer various type of Thai Noodles, Thai Curries, Thai Express Rice, Thai BBQ, Thai Salads & vegetables, Thai Laksa, Thai Soups, Thai Popiah Wraps, Bangkok Street Favorites and Favourite Thai Dessert.
Thai Express
After studied the menu for a while, we ordered : Mee Sua Kaeng Chued Gai (Thai longevity noodle in double boiled chicken broth) 15.5K, Kaeng Kari Gai (Yellow Chicken curry with potatoes) 22.5K, Khao Phat Supparod Talay (Thailand’s pineapple rice fried with seafood)25.5K, Khao Kluk Kapi Kung (Fragrant shrimp paste fried rice with prawns) 27.5K, Overall its not bad and the portion was quite generous. 🙂

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  • Ronny

    Eh itu Thai Express ada minuman yg enak, seger kalo pas lagi panas2. Kayak kiamboi campur sprite gitu, lupa namanya. Gua nyobanya yg di Thai Express Citos sih waktu itu, udah lama banget.

  • Jenz

    thx ron, gw cobain deh kalo kesono lagi ntar

  • zamie

    alamat lengkapnya dmn? telp?

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