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November 29, 2005 | Thai & Vietnam Cuisine

I’m meeting some friend for dinner last night at Plasa Semanggi, we picked a small place at level 3a called “Thai & I” the place wasn’t very crowded and have a nice “bale-bale” & pillow to sit :).

This time we ordered Yam Ma Muang (Mango Salad) 13.5K, Tom Yam Thalai (Sour Seafood Soup) 24.5K, Gai Phad Kapi (Fried Chicken with Thai Sauce ) 17.5K, and stir fried kailan (kayle) with Garlic Sauce 11.5K, and for dessert we ordered Manciam (Candied Cassava with Coconut Milk) 6.5K. In my oppinion the food were delicious and with a very reasonable price too 🙂

Thai & I

Thai & I
Plaza Semanggi Level 3A no.16
Jl. Gatot Subroto, Jakarta

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  • Ronny

    Speaking of thai food.. do you know best place for Pad Thai in Jakarta?

  • Jenz

    mmm maybe you can try “Jittlada” at Jl. Sultan Agung No.10 (I haven’t try this one but i heard it is one of the best) or “Thai Express” for an affordable yet still acceptable solution 🙂

  • flona

    sayah blom pernah ke plaza semanggi *hiks*

  • Jenz

    plangi emang masih baru kok flo baru 2 taonan, pssttt tapi ada “duck king” disono. peking ducknya enak 😛

  • febi

    Aduuhh Jenz…yummiee banget nehh…temen gue juga pernah ke sini dan kasih tau gue kailan nya yummie bangets..gue jadi pengen nyoba,tapi gak sempet2 kesana..btw, gue belom makan neh tadi pagi sarapan ketoprak porsi nya banyak banget, udah jam tiga sore gue masih kenyang juga…

  • nana

    waduuuhh, saya tuh pagi ini pas laper, ngeliat ini, wah semakin laper, kalo udah gini, indomie kari ayam pun enak yaaaaa… 😀

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