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January 9, 2007 | Indian Cuisine, Singapore

This place was sitting on the top place of my must must visit & try, we arrived there on one rainy evening, walking passed Tekka Market to Race Course Road, at last we found the banana leaf signboard. The ambience of this place feels like cafeteria, there’s a food counter displaying north and south indian dishes, we ordered biryani rice, masala chicken and a basket of papadam, it were so delicious, the spice taste so strong. The unique thing in this place was the meal actually served on a banana leaf, the meal taste even better if you eat it using your hand. and it cost us about $19 for all those marvelous meal, in my opinion it was quite a reasonable price 🙂

The Banana Leaf Apolo Restaurant
South & North Indian Cuisine

54,56,58 Race Course Road

ph. 6293 8682 / 5054
fx. 62945770

Sun-Mon& Public Holidays
Open 10:30am to 10:30pm

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  • flona

    akhirnye elo ke apollo juga..sempet nyobain muthu gag?

  • jenz

    ngga sempat flo.. secara gw kekenyangan & ujan pula.. jadi males jalan lagi nyari muthu’ curry, next visit deh 😀

  • Reza

    Muthu apaan emangnya?That place is like Papadams on steroids. Super papadam you might call it :).Wish I could go there again soon. Did you try the fish head curry?

  • jenz

    Papadam on steroids? :)) :))
    muthu curry itu nama restoran di dekat apolo banana leaf, kabarnya fish head currynya juga enak banget.
    waktu itu ngga sempet nyobain fish head curryn ya, soalnya masih rada kenyang & di poto ukuran ikannya gede banget.. takut ngga abis 😛

  • Reza

    Oh so that’s what that muthu is. Hmm….interesting. Must try then :D. You’re right about the fish head though. It’s big really big, I ordered the small portion and i shared it with a friend and could barely finish it. But that part when you take the eye and slurp it in your mouth is(like the mastercard commercial says)”Priceless!”….hehehe.

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