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October 26, 2011 | Chicken/Beef/Mutton, Closed, International Cuisine, JAKARTA, No Pork, South Jakarta

After finishing the tea cupping session, I felt a bit hungry. So me and Lita went to a restaurant called The Butcher for some bites 🙂 The atmosphere of The Butcher is quite interesting, designed to resemble an American meat shop where we can choose our fresh cut meat (striploin, rib eye & tenderloin) or fresh portion meat (lamb chops, US short ribs, t-bone), which will then be cut & cooked for us.

The Butcher Meat Platter

It was our first visit, so we decided to order The Butcher’s meat platter 199K to share. The meat platter consists of tenderloin, sirloin, rib eye and short rib cooked to medium well, served with 7 types of sauces (red wine, creamy horseradish, berries, chimicurri, black pepper, mustard dan mushroom). The portion was moderate for the two of us and we started to dig in. We cut the meat into smaller chunks so we can taste them with various sauces. Between the four types of meat, I liked the sirloin the most and the rib eye was too dry. My favorite sauce is the red wine sauce, although it was too diluted. The horse radish and chimicurri were also good while the black pepper sauce was too spicy.


After that, our desserts arrived. Actually we only ordered a portion of bread pudding to share, but the waiter mistook our order, so he brought us two portions of bread puddings and insisted that we ordered two. The bread pudding was ok, but I think it was too dry. I like my bread pudding moist. Overall, we enjoyed the afternoon, I felt so full afterwards so SC, who decided to join us later, had to finish my bread pudding. 🙂

The Butcher
Gandaria City Mall
South Main St. Lobby,
Jakarta, Indonesia 12240

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