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December 31, 2004 | Central jakarta, JAKARTA, Western Cuisine

I had dinner with my friend at “The Coffee Club” Plaza Senayan ground floor. Since I already ate a very big portion of nasi padang (padangnese rice) I decided to choose a lighter meal, So I choosed a “Spicy Mango & Prawn Salad” with “Carribean Tea”, while my friend picked “Ground Beef Steak with Japanese BBQ Sauce” with “Berry Tea”. My salad turn out very fresh & delicious, my best salad this year 🙂 Bon Apetit

Spicy Mango & Prawn Salad

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  • Alex

    R U sure Jazz?, I try it my self, after read about your opinion. But instead of freshy, I found out the prawn turn out to be not soo fresh, and they haven’t clean the prawns throughly, ‘coz I still found dirt in the prawn.. oh man they ruin my appetite

  • jenz

    wah.. alex.. I’m sorry about that, last time I ate there, the prawn salad was OK. maybe you should talk to their manager, so that they can improve their food quality.

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