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August 22, 2014 | International Cuisine, JAKARTA, Non Smoking Resto, West Jakarta, With Pork

Located right next to Electronic City in Puri Indah, I’ve noticed this restaurant The Fctry Bistro & Bar called mainly because of its hard-to-spell name and SC tendencies to pronounce it like a swear word. A number of food blogs have reviewed the place and reading them made me quite intrigued. After some parking confusion, we finally arrived there around 3 PM, so it was quite empty. The place is not big, but is thankfully full non-smoking. Designed with grey walls, with painted black pipes crisscrossing the wall (reminding me of the old-school game pipe dream), I think they’re going for a industrial / factory look.


The Fctry’s menu is simple, with brunch, lunch, ala carte, side dishes and dessert selection. I ordered the menu that seemed to create quite a hype lately, which is ox tongue don 80K from the lunch menu and SC opted for the herb crusted frenched(?) lamb 160K. After that, a small portion of complimentary bread and butter was put on the table. It was quite good. SC’s lamb took about half an hour to prepare, so my ox tongue don came first. The dish was delicious. The ox tongue was tender, braised with soy sauce, a li’l bit spicy. One thing I noted was that the rice portion is too small. In the menu, it stated that all the lunch menu are served with a small portion of salad, but I saw none, so I asked the waiter, he declined to serve the salad, until I showed one of the blog posts that bore the picture of the ox tongue with a side of salad. Then he finally gave me the salad, which tasted just ordinary.


SC’s herb crusted lamb portion was generous, with a dollop of mashed potatoes and simple salad. It tasted quite good and the meat tender and juicy. The spices was savory, but I couldn’t tell what kind of herbs were used. Is it French? I’m not sure, but at least it tasted quite good. Overall, I’m not really impressed. The food is good, but not screaming WOW.

The Fctry Bistro & Bar
St. Moritz Puri Indah
Jl. Puri Lingkar Luar Barat
Puri Kembangan, West Jakarta
Ph. +62 8777 7887879

Operating Hours
Mon – Fri 9am – 10pm
Sat – Sun 9am – 12am

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