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September 1, 2010 | Indian Cuisine, JAKARTA, South Jakarta

The Royal Kitchen

I always have a thing for Indian food, so whenever I heard about an Indian restaurant, I always want to try it. So, after reading about The Royal Kitchen in Time Out Jakarta, we went there for an early lunch on Saturday about two months ago. The restaurant is located in the Bellagio Mall on Mega Kuningan area. The mall was very quiet, I guess people only go to Bellagio on weekdays. When we arrived, there were already several Indian guests eating there. The place is not big, but decorated nicely in Indian themes.
The Royal Kitchen
The Royal Kitchen serves Indian brunch for only 69K++. The variation is not much, but looks authentic. We had some naan bread (नान), rasam soup, masala dosa ( savory crepe stuffed with spicy potatoes), dal/ lentils soup (दाल), uttapam (Indian style pizza/pancake), papadum, some curry, tandoori chicken and basmatti rice (बासमती) and several other dishes that I forgot to write down the name. We also had a glass of mango lassi and chai tea. Overall it was quite good 🙂

The Royal Kitchen
Indian Restaurant & Bar

The Bellagio Boutique Mall Ground Floor 16
Jl. Kawasan Mega Kuningan Barat Kav.3-5
South Jakarta
ph. +62(21) 30029975

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  • Kenny Japar

    itu harga yang brunch -nya buffet ? ato per a la carte?



  • admin

    @Kenny: 69++ itu harga brunch buffet, kalo weekdays lebih murah. oyah, harga diluar beverages.

  • eddy

    have you tried Ganesha in BRI ? If you haven’t, u should try. Far better than royal kitchen, and all my Indian expats colleague said the same.

  • dr. B

    coba ahhhh ;p gw baru perna nyoba queen’s tandoor seh jen, indian experience nya kurang hehe

  • admin

    @dr. B: klo kata gw sih masih enakan queen’s tandoor sih, klo mo nyoba yg buffet dgn menu yg lebih bervariasi, cobain Ganesha Sanskrit deh di area parkir BNI II.

  • theresia taslim

    try Hazara indian restaurant…tergolong mahal tapi food nya good quality. sesekali sih boleh lah 😉 yg ada face bar nya…di belakang hotel mandarain

  • anteos

    which one is better compared with queens? so far I only tasted queens for the best and other indian restaurant in jakarta tasted so bad.

    queen tandoor yg enaknya, prawn masala, chicken tikka masala, chicken kashmiri, mutton biryani. chicken tandoornya mereka sucks big time

  • Elisa Sutanudjaja

    Aduhh, resto India baru … kudu pisan dicoba … thanks Jen 😀

  • admin

    ngggg… ngga baru sih.. udah lumayan lama.
    udah pernah coba Taal di Benton Junction blom Lis?
    menurut gw itu lebih enak 🙂

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