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March 18, 2005 | Bandung, International Cuisine, Western Cuisine

Whenever I went to Bandung, I always went to “The Valley” for dinner. “The Valley” is a good place to dine as it is located on a hilltop that has spectacular view of the whole valley where Bandung is situated. There are some similar restaurant near this place such as “The Peak”, “The View”, “Sierra”, etc.. but in my oppinion “The Valley” served much much more delicious food 🙂
That night when we arrived, we was lucky to get a table inside the restaurant, usually we eat at the terrace in oeder to enjoy the view. The restaurant inside was warm.. light by candlelight, and soft jazz music was playing at the corner. We ordered the house speciality : “The Zoupa Zoupa Soup” (unforgetable valley cream soup topped with freshly baked pastry crust) 18.5K, “Creme de Poulet” (french style cream of chicken soup served with garlic crackers) 14.5K, “Singaporean Claypot Rice” (authentic chicken rice served extremelly hot woth chicken seafood vegetable & soup) 32K, “Lamb Chop BBQ” (charcoal Grilled rib eye served with potato vegetables & mushroom sauce)… mmmm very delicious.. some of my friends friends show up that night.. there was life music where you can request a song, my friends surprised me by requested a happy birthday song for me 🙂 and I got a small back forrest cake with candle on top .. hehehehe… what a night.. thx alot Manda, Ucie, Tika 🙂

The Valley, Bistro Cafe & Resort Hotel
Jl. Lembah Pakar Timur 28 Dago – Bandung
(022) 2531052(hotel)

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  • Reza

    Ever went back here Jen? Recently i mean. How’s the food, still good as back then. Sometimes the taste changes after a while. Wanna try this place out sometime soon. How’s it compare to atmosphere? They say that place is nice and the food is good too.

  • Culiana

    Last time i went to the valley (long weekend in august), really dissapointed with the food and the service. gilaaa, rame bgt….1 jam nungguin mkn dtg, trus minta sendok aja perlu 20 menit, dikasinya sendok sop lg, alesannya sendok dan piring abis…..siapa yang makan???

  • zainal

    Hi There I am trying to arrnge the best group special dinner from malaysia about 100+ people, the tour there recomended Sierra cafe as the place can accomodate such numbers grp and the bus can reach easier. what about the food etc..wld it be ok ? cheers’zainal

  • sopjagung

    Hi Zainal, is the group you’re arranging is picky about their food? Sierra has a breathtakingly beautiful view, but the food seems to be on the ordinary side.

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