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March 10, 2010 | Chinese Cuisine, Closed, Dimsum

We tried this place last year, but somehow I’ve forgotten to write about it. The Wang is located at Plaza Lippo Sudirman, at the exact spot where there used to be a Chinese restaurant called Dragon City which served quite delicious Halal dimsum. The restaurant was closed in 2008, but we later heard that they reopened as The Wang, so we decided to give it a try. The restaurant’s interior was pretty much the same as before, with its reception area filled with a huge display of shark’s fin (we didn’t like this as we don’t endorse eating shark’s fin or any other endangered species). We ordered the usual dimsum menu: fish congee with century egg 32K, siew mai 16K, ha kau 16K, pangsit udang salad 18K, lumpia goreng 18K, pangsit pocai 16K, cheong fan udang 18K, cheong fan cakwee13K, pie ayam panggang 13K, lumpia saus tiram 18K, talas goreng (wu kok) 13K, tan tart 13K and ended it with puding mangga 22K, pudding kacang almond 22K, pudding alpukat 22K, and es lemon sereh 22K. Overall the dishes were quite decent, but it seemed to have lost its old charm, plus the price was quite pricey compared to other dimsum restaurants.
The Wang

The Wang Casual Dining
Lippo Plaza Podium 1Unit 101
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 25
South Jakarta

ph. +62(21) 5204696
fx.+62(21) 5204695

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  • V

    Yes! Dragon City used to be our favourite dimsum place.

  • Arnold

    musti coba kepiting soka-nya di the wang. MANTABBB!!!

  • EriRol

    The Wang is already closed. Changed into BNI Syariah.

  • admin

    hiks… thanks for the info.

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