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June 30, 2011 | Central jakarta, International Cuisine, JAKARTA

Tin Pan Alley Jakarta

In the same building that housed South Beauty and Pesto Autentico, there’s another catchy restaurant called Tin Pan Alley. So I went there with several friends one afternoon with several friends. The interior of this place is sophisticated and designed to resemble an American bistro with brick walls, vintage tiles at the dining area and wooden floor at the bar area. With a bit of dim lighting, it creates a warm and cozy ambience, or perhaps romantic?

It was still too early for dinner, so we only ordered 2 dishes to share. For the appetizer, we choose grilled calamary with spicy marinara sauce 45K, and for the main course, we followed the waiter suggestion to order something off the menu called US op ribs 400gr 290K. The appetizer came first and it looked very appealing. So, after all of us took some pictures (note: I’m eating with several photographers), we started to eat. It was heavenly. The squid was grilled with perfect timing, resulting in a tender, fully cooked and delicious calamari. The spicy marinara sauce was also delicious although not as spicy as I wanted it to be. Yeah, I know, blame my Indonesian palate! 🙂

The main dish, the much promoted (by the waiter) US OP ribs 400gr was less appealing. First, it was a bit cold (maybe because we’re taking the pictures for so long) and the ribs were a bit chewy. The BBQ sauce was disappointing. Luckily, we asked for the sauce to be separated. The waiters also gave us some mushroom sauce, which tasted much better than the BBQ one. Overall, we had a fun time there and the service was good. I can’t judge yet whether I’d recommend this place, so I may come back later for more of Chef Reno’s creation.

Tin Pan Alley Restaurant Cafe & Bar JakartaTin Pan Alley
Thamrin Nine Podium/UOB Lobby lv #f
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 10
Central Jakarta
ph. +62 21 30007881

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  • Novella Tjitasura

    Mestinya cobain BBQ hawaiian ribs nya jen.. Nendang abisss.. Dagingnya tuh udah tebel.. Tender banget.. Mangstab!!

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