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January 8, 2009 | Central jakarta, CUISINE, INDONESIAN CUISINE, JAKARTA, Manado

Several weeks ago, on our way to Kelapa Gading, we stopped by a Manado restaurant for lunch. I’ve always liked Manado dishes because it was very hot & spicy. The restaurant was empty as lunch time had passed hours ago and maybe because that day was a public holiday. There was no decor to speak of. The place looked spartan: old but clean. There were several displayed dishes. I chose Tinorangsak (Manado’s spicy pork dishes) 40K and SC who can’t stand spicy food settled on Brenebon soup (Manado’s kidney bean soup) 40K. Yes, it’s not cheap, but the portion made up for the price. We even had to take a doggie back. The taste was delicious and I think it’s authentic. The woman serving us was very friendly and I ended up buying some rica-rica and panada home. 🙂


Tinoor Asli Manado
Jl. RP. Soeroso (Gondangdia Lama) No.33A
Central Jakarta
ph. +62(21) 316 2247
hp. +62(818) 876 155

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  • Rani

    emang enak. tapi mahalnya gue rasa agak keterlaluan. masa ikan kembung rica 25 ribu, dan porsi daging B kecapnya 40 ribu kecil.

  • Ade Putri

    This one is one of my fave Manadonese restos in town!!! Favoritku di sini ayam rica, tinorangsak dan panada-nya.

    Memang, rata-rata harga masakan Manado itu mahal. Tapi menurutku masuk akal, karena bumbu & rempah yang dipakai itu berlimpah, dan harga bahan dasarnya memang tidak lagi murah. Besides, I don’t mind pay a bit more for an excellent taste 🙂 *dan setuju sama Jenz, porsinya terhitung besar*

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