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March 12, 2009 | Cakes, Bread & Dessert, Medan

Tip Top

After a light breakfast at Sinar Pagi, we continued our journey to try a noodle shop at Jl. Perdana, but we took a wrong turn and we passed by Kesawan (Ahmad Yani) street. We decided to stop for a while and try the famous Tip Top restaurant. I don’t know whether this is the oldest restaurant in Medan, but the place seems to be in a good shape considering that it has been around for about a century. The building design was typical of Dutch colonial era. A uniformed waiter greeted us and led us to a table in the verandah.

Tip Top

My friend raved about their bakery, so I went to the bakery next door and ordered several items to eat, including risoles. Tip Top offers various Indonesian, Western & Chinese dishes. But the place is famous for their home made ice cream, so we picked java ice cream 13K and something that looked like tutti frutty called puckles 13K. The ice cream and risoles are great and the price was very reasonable. I really liked the java ice cream with its strong hints of coffee.

Tip Top
Restaurant, Bakery & Cake Shop

Jl. Ahmad Yani No.92 A/B
Medan – North Sumatra
ph. +62(61) 4514442 / 4532042

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  • Jiewa

    toko es krim yg legendaris banget ya, dah bolak balik masuk tipi. Mungkin setara dengan Toko Oen di Malang..

  • Kenji

    When I visited Tip Top Restaurant on February 14, 2009, I had a chat with its owner (now the 3rd generation). He said Tip Top Restaurant was opened as Jang Kie (燕记) in 1929. At that time the restaurant was located at Jl. Pandu. It moved to the current place at Kesawan in 1953 and the white Dutch-style uniform the waiters currently wear is the uniform worn since the restaurant was opened.
    Tip Top still bake their bread manually using old method. They bake the bread in a big wooden chamber using charcoal. That’s why their bread tastes differently from other bakeries.
    The owner continued to say that in the Dutch occupation days, all the buildings at Jl.Kesawan were owned by a rich Chinese merchant called Tjong A Fie but his descendants then sold the properties one by one and now only an old ancient Chinese style mansion was left. This mansion, which is only 1-minute walk from Tip Top Restaurant, is called Tjong A Fie Mansion and became a sightseeing object in Medan.

  • Ari

    kalau saya lebih suka menu Sorbet Tip Top. soda water + lime essence + vanilla ice cream float.
    setiap pulang ke Medan selalu singgah kesini, dan sua borong kue susnya juga

  • Kris

    you should try the steak.. it’s tender & delicious.
    ice cream is also their specialty there…

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