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June 3, 2012 | International Cuisine, Medan

From Soto Kesawan, we walked over to the famous Tip Top restaurant for some dessert. I’ve written about this place before, but I only tried their bakery & ice cream at that time. Tip Top is a very old restaurant with roots dating back to the early decades of the last century, much like Ragusa in Jakarta and Zangrandi in Surabaya. I love the old colonial atmosphere here, everything looked old but still in a good shape. Opened since 1929 and formerly named Jangkie, the restaurant serves various western, Indonesian and Chinese dishes. It used to be a well-known restaurant for wealthy people in Medan.

Tip Top Medan

Since we’ve already had our breakfast, we only ordered a portion of peach melba to share. It was good and not too sweet. Several minutes later, my brother arrived and I persuaded him to order some main course so I can get some bite of it. *grin* So he ordered a portion of ox tongue steak. The presentation was good and the taste was delicious. The ox tongue was tender and even without the sauce, it was already good. I think I’ll have to return and order a full plate for myself.



Tip Top
Restaurant, Bakery & Cake Shop
Jl. Ahmad Yani No.92 A/B
Medan – North Sumatra
ph. +62(61) 4514442 / 4532042

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  • leo

    Lho, lu lagi di Medan yah Jen? Atau tulisan dari arsip foto lalu? hehe…

  • leo

    Baru pertama kali liat ox tongue steak sih di tiptop.. I’ll tried as you suggested Jen *soalnya rada gimana gitu lidah haha… Planning to review this place again in my blog with more details and photos and maybe interview with the owner too…

  • admin

    @Leo: arsip dr kunjungan ke Medan bulan Maret kemaren 😛

  • Yudha

    Wah Toko Oen versi Medan neh. Bistik lidahnya favorit banget deh:)

  • Jeanette

    bistik lidahnya emang paling enak. our family’s fave restaurant of all times! now i’m in love with your blog!

  • Surya Do

    @Admin: Usul dan saran nich…
    Akan lebih baik dan mudah dipahami bagi warga Medan yang lain (yang mungkin kurang mengeri Bahasa Inggris) apabila hasil ulasannya dapat ditulis dalam Bahasa Indonesia.
    Kebetulan kami juga sering menjadikan ulasan bro @Leo ( sebagai bahan referensi.

  • Jenz

    @Surya Do: Terima kasih atas masukannya, tetapi blog ini ditulis dalam Bahasa Inggris karena tujuan kami adalah supaya blog ini bisa juga dibaca oleh orang luar yang ingin tau lebih banyak tentang rumah makan-rumah makan yang ada di Indonesia.

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