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November 22, 2010 | Bali, International Cuisine

That night, we went to TJ’s Mexican Restaurant and Bar at a small alley called Poppies Lane I. We’ve already gone there the night before, but the place was so crowded and full. This time, we got luckier and scored a table for 2 at the corner of the restaurant. We ordered caldo de pollo (spicy chicken, onion, tomato corn and chili bean served with sourdough cheese toast) 25K and mole poblano (a classic Mexican dish consisting of tender chicken breast steeped in a rich, nutty and slightly spicy sauce and served with mexican rice and mixed salad) 60K to share. I love the soup very much. It was a warm and hearty soup, my kind of comfort food. On the contrary, their Mole Poblano tasted just fine, not spicy enough, but SC liked it. As an (edible) souvenir, we also bought a bottle of their homemade smoky salsa for 20K. 🙂

Mole Poblano TJ's Mexican Restaurant

TJ’s Mexican Bar & Restaurant
Poppies Lane I.
ph. +62 361 751093

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One thought

  • Aris

    as far as I’m concern, their Chocolate Diablo is also superb!

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