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May 25, 2009 | INDONESIAN CUISINE, JAKARTA, North Sumatra Cuisine, South Jakarta, With Pork

Last month, we had a late lunch at Toba Tabo, a popular, upscale version of the common lapo Batak. The place is spacious, nicely designed with a number of Bataknese items and posters of its owner, Viki Sianipar. It was almost empty as we got there at 3 pm, so we can easily get a table. The menu is a bit more extensive than ordinary lapos and we ordered: panggang 19.8K, naniura 16K, soup isi 6K, daun singkong 6K, terong tauco 6K. This is the first time I tasted Naniura (Bataknese style raw fish). The taste was great, with a strong hint of lime. But I don’t quite like the texture as it is too chewy. The other dishes were also good. The rice we ordered came in a little bakul, and as I looked closer, I was pleasantly surprised to find salted fish in the rice. In my opinion, this place is good enough for someone who want to sample Bataknese dishes in a more elegant setting. As for me, I still prefer the atmosphere of lapo Batak at Senayan 🙂

Toba Tabo

Toba Tabo
Lapo Batak

Jl. Dr Saharjo No.90
ph. +62(21) 8281293, 8351847

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  • V

    Naniura (Bataknese style raw fish).
    Bentuknya kayak ikan mateng gak Jen? Ato masih sashimi gitu?

  • jenz

    Bentuknya sih lebih kaya ikan matang, mungkin akibat direndam dalem jeruk nipis.

  • Robertfel

    hmmmm looks delicious…Kl ke jkt png kesana ah 🙂

  • David

    wah ..
    cobain ke kedai panggang kita dong di Bandung …
    Tango – Tango.
    Jl Ciumbuleuit No. 158 ( depan Unpar ) Bandung..
    makanan khas batak juga 🙂

  • ndro

    jadi pengen cepat2 jalan2 ke balige untuk nyobain panggang disana hehehe

  • Daniel Malau

    panggang paling enak ya BPK, alias B*bi Panggang Karo 🙂

  • Vera Siagian

    This is the best place to enjoy Batak cuisene. You can enjoy nice batak song while you are eating at the same time

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