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June 29, 2008 | Bogor, INDONESIAN CUISINE

After lunch, we went to Ranggagading area, there’s a famous Laksa Bogor called Laksa Mang Ocim (also listed in the book). Since we’re still full from the lunch we didn’t tried it, maybe some other time. After that, we walked through Ranggagading to get a taste of Toge Goreng (fried bean sprout). According to my friend it is actually called Ge Co (toge pake tauco). It tasted delicious, far better than the ones sold by Toge Goreng seller in Jakarta. The bean sprout was cooked in a pan with a little bit of water, then put in a plate and topped with noodle, tofu, and rice cake, after that they pour the mixed of tauco, oncom, red onion, tomato and fresh onion sauce, plus a splash of thick/sweet soy sauce, vinegar + chili sauce. It was perfect.

Toge Goreng Bu Evon
Jl. Surya Kencana Belakang Bank Lippo, Bogor
hp. 085693489846

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  • sopjagung

    I can never understand toge tauco/toge goreng. To be sure, it doesn’t taste weird like natto (hate it) or century egg (like it), but I didn’t find any harmony in the ingredients’ combination, it tasted just like the picture, a jumble of everything.

  • Venny

    Sop: but it’s good, is that what you mean?

  • sopjagung

    Nope, absolutely not. I didn’t like it 😀

  • phedot

    your blog always make me hungry

  • winda

    toge goreng enak kok!!!!
    *dateng2 bela kota :P*
    well, mungkin loe harus tinggal di bogor dalam jangka waktu yang lama untuk bisa menyukai toge goreng, sop hehhe..
    eniwei, kok babi panggangnya gak dimasukin??

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