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November 29, 2011 | JAKARTA, Japanese & Korean Cuisine, South Jakarta, With Pork

Several weeks ago, we’re looking for lunch around the Senopati area and decided to go to a Korean restaurant called Toh Dam, which offers handmade Korean noodle. When we entered, the place was not crowded, but there are several tables occupied by Korean expats. The interior of the place is warm & cozy, with several glass cabinets showcasing the owner’s bone china collections.

After studying the menu, I ordered Jjampong Kalguksu (짬뽕칼국수) 65K – Spicy thick noodle with seafood hot broth, while SC went for the non-spicy version: Haemul kalguksu (해물칼국수) 55K – Thick noodle with seafood hot broth. We were served with complimentary refillable cold ochas, and as is customary in Korean restaurants, a selection of banchans. There were more than 6 types of banchan including kimchi (of course). SC loved the kimchi and he said it was the most delicious he’d ever had so far. When our dishes arrived, we’re quite surprised by the portion as each of our orders is large enough for 2. But since we’re very hungry, we didn’t complaint 🙂 The noodles were delicious and the broths have distinct fresh seafood flavor. The toppings were several kinds of mussels which were also fresh. My Jjampong Kalguksu came accompanied by some kind of plum that tasted so refreshing after I ate so many of that spicy broth.

After that we’re also served with a plate of assorted fruits. We’re really full and happy after we ate all they served us. The food were authenthic, the service were friendly plus the price were quite affordable for Korean cuisine. Surely we’ll be back for more. 잘 먹었습니다

Toh Dam Restaurant
Jl. Senopati No. 81
Kebayoran Baru
South Jakarta
ph. +62 21 5210230

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  • Abraham

    They underwent renovation for a while and just opened again several weeks ago (yeay!). I tried their all you can eat (95k for dinner) and it was well very worth it. You’ll be served 4 bulgogi selection (squid, pork, beef, and sweet beef) which will be cooked prior serving and some already cooked samplers (kimchi, octopus with red sauce, japchae, etc). The squid bulgogi was outstanding!

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