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December 21, 2009 | Central jakarta, JAKARTA, Japanese & Korean Cuisine

This is the first time I went to Tokio Joe since they moved from Mandarin Oriental Hotel to Nikko Hotel. When I found out that they offer a 50% discount on ala carte menu for users of RBS credit card, I contacted my friends to meet there. We decided to have an early dinner on Saturday afternoon. When we arrived, the place was quiet since it was still too early for dinner. We ordered green tea 20K, then dobinmushi 49K, mixed mushroom soup 70K, assorted tempura 99K, handsome joe (Tokio Joe’s signature fusion sushi which consist of deep fried prawn and avocado) 80K and baked scallops 130K. Overall, the dishes were still as good, although the dobinmushi’s portion could’ve been bigger. The mixed mushroom soup cooked in foil is delicious, but the most delicious thing we had that night is baked scallops. The scallops were fresh and topped with a thick layer of cheese. It was delicious. We didn’t order any dessert since we’re planning to have dessert some place else. 🙂
Tokio Joe

Tokio Joe
Sushi Bar & Restaurant

Nikko Hotel
Lobby Mezzanine 2nd Floor
Jl. MH. Thamrin 59 Jakarta 10350

ph. +62(21) 391 8993
fx. +62(21)391 1094

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  • Anonymous

    best jap.. cuma uda diskon 50 masi agak pricey 🙂

  • mr. han

    Ada yang tau sekarang Tokio Joe lokasinya dimana Terakhir sudah gak di hotel Nikko lagi yah? Tutup? Any info?

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