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July 4, 2012 | International Cuisine, JAKARTA, Kaki Lima, South Jakarta, Western Cuisine

Last week, a good friend told me about a newly opened sidewalk eatery called Tokyo Skipjack that sells good quality steaks. I was quite interested to try it, but since it was an open air eatery, we couldn’t hope much for it to be a non-smoking place. So last weekend we decided to try it. We planned to come early in the hope of avoiding the dinner/smoker crowd.


Tokyo Skipjack is located on the parking lot of Cosmo Supermarket. They were supposed to start grilling at 5PM, but apparently that day they were opening at 6PM. Tokyo Skipjack serves NZ and US steak (sirloin/rib eye/tenderloin), and they also have 500gr US porter steak. So we ordered a 200gr NZ tenderloin steak, medium rare with Japanese chimicurry sauce 95k, the steak came with 2 side dishes, so we chose mitsuba mash with corn batayaki.


The meat was cooked to the right state, it was tender and juicy. The chimicurry sauce was also good. The mitsuba mash was just OK, nothing special, just an ordinary mashed potato with bits of mitsuba leaves, but I like the corn batayaki. Maybe on my next visit I’ll try another side dish with another sauce. If you love HolycowSteak, you have to give this one a try as well.

Tokyo Skipjack
Jl. Bulungan No. 16
South Jakarta
ph. +62 (21) 9972 5000

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  • Tjahjono

    Thank you very much for the review, and your input. Next time we would to recommend you to try our green salad. It is one of our customes’ favourite.

  • V

    Is it the same as argentinian chimichurri sauce?

  • Aline

    Rasa Chimicurry saucenya ky gimana, Jen?

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