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February 7, 2005 | JAKARTA, North Jakarta

Last saturday morning, with some of JS milist friends, we headed to Muara Karang wet market located at north Jakarta. Not to shopping, but to try some food there :). We started by ordering Chicken Steam Rice, Chinese Spring Roll, Fish Porridge, Pork Satay, Lontong Sayur (rice cake in coconut milk). After that we moved to another place.. I was hoping I could try Bihun Bebek (steam duck with bihun), but no luck 🙁 after another course of meal I lost track about what I ate 😛 … after that I only remember I tried “er-mie” (prawn noodle in thick brown sauce), Yong Tofu, Chai Thau Kwe ( cake), pisang goreng (fried banana), Pork Noodle, Chi Ceong Fan, Chicken Curry with bihun, Tahu Goreng (Fried tofu salad serve with peanut sauce), Laksa Jose Rizal, Cendol ice, CingCau Ice, SekoTheng … its almost 2PM when we headed home with each holding a pack of otak-otak (Grilled Fish Cake wrapped in banana leaves, serve with spicy peanut dressing ). mmmm bon apetit 🙂

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  • jo

    if you want to try nice bihun bebek, try to go to Pluit. I dont remember the building name but it used to be Pluit Plaza.. the bihun bebek is located at food stalls beside that building.

  • anon

    that rings a bell. bener si jo bilang di tempat itu ada bihun bebek yg enak. brp seporsinya skrg? last time i went was in 2001 hiks!

  • Jenz

    akhirnya gw nemu bihun bebek yang lumayan enak kok, bihunnya pake chinese herbs gitu. Judulnya “bihun bebek binjai”, letaknya di blakang pasar muara karang & masih di lingkungan pasar sih..
    cuman kalo mo makan disono kudu pagi2, soalnya jam 10-11 gitu udah abis. di deket2 situ sih ada juga yang jual bihun bebek lain dengan range harga sekitar 15 ribuan deh

  • roby

    sayyaaaaaaaaaaa mau makannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn…..bisa di kirim gk ke sini….di texas us… T_T!

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