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August 9, 2006 | Western Cuisine

Last week I had lunch at an Italian restaurant called “Trattoria”, located at the top of world trade center building. nice ambience, not too expensive, very helpfull service, but not a very impressive food. I don’t know if they are the same restaurant with the one at Pondok Indah or Bali. but to me some of the food (red snapper steak and lasagna) they served was really overcooked 🙁

World Trade Center 19th Floor
Jl. Jend Sudirman Kav.31

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  • Elisa

    Wah, gua demen sama ambience nya .. homy banget ya 🙂

  • mbu

    klo gw ga demen ama musiknya.. (mendingan sony w-series nya dito? keke.. :p)

  • edo

    Hi. Just to clarify your review on Trattoria. The restaurant at the WTC is not the same as Trattoria Bali and Pondok Indah. Trattoria in Bali and the one in Pondok Indah Plaza 2 are the same. We have also opened another branch in Senayan City Food Studio for Trattoria Pizza. Thanks

  • Tjing2

    Just saw the announcement board at Menara Karya, is it the same Trattoria with WTC? Or same with SC/PIM2?

  • OMG

    I thought so, after I read your review, that must be not the same Trattoria as those in Senayan C and EX.
    I think pizza form Trattoria Senayan C and EX (and PIM2?) are the real Italian Pizza tastes. But is there also Trattoria in Anggrek Mall? Why so many Pizza maker use the same name? Btw trattoria means informal resto. Funny

  • Jax

    That’s rite, Trattoria in Menara Karya is the same with Pondok Indah Plaza 2, as well as counters in SenC & EX.

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