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June 8, 2010 | Italian Cuisine, JAKARTA, South Jakarta

Several weeks after we went to Pepenero, we visited Trattoria, which had moved to the East Building. We found out that there’s no separate section for non-smokers, but luckily, it was still early for dinner, so we decided to eat quickly before the crowd arrived. The place is spacious and a bit dark, but looks cozy. They served us a basket of warm bread to dig in while we’re looking at the menu. The bread was so yummy I can’t stop eating them 🙂

We’ve learned from our previous experience at Pepenero that we shouldn’t order too much, so we only ordered Capricciosa pizza (tomato mozarella, mushrooms, italian sausages, ham and mix pepper) 53K and Creme brulee profumata al timo (thyme scented creme brulee) 39K for dessert. Both of the dishes tasted delicious. I love the thin crust pizza and the creme brulee, although the creme brulee’s size was smaller compared to Pepenero’s. If only the have a decent non smoking area, we would love to return 🙂

Cucina Italiana

The East Building
Lobby Ground Floor No 1-10
Mega Kuningan.
ph. +62(21) 5793 8574

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One thought

  • Leony

    Hi Jen, glad to find another smoke hater! Hahahah… I wish Indonesia can be more like Singapore or the States, where people TOTALLY can’t smoke in the building. I don’t know when it will happen though…

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