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March 5, 2011 | Closed, JAKARTA, Japanese & Korean Cuisine, South Jakarta

Last weekend, SC and I had different activities, but promised to meet at Hotel Ambhara for lunch. We wanted to go to Tsukinofune, which had been in our must try list for a long time. As I arrived late, SC has almost finished his salmon maki 45K. Luckily, he saved one for me to taste and it was delicious. The place is rather small, but it was full during lunch time and quite a lot of the patrons are Japanese. We then ordered Tsukinofune bento 160K to share. When it arrived, we’re quite surprised by the portion of it. There were 9 delicacies arranged beautifully in the box plus chawanmushi, miso soup, salad & rice outside the box.

Tsukinofune Bento

I especially liked the chawanmushi. In my opinion, it was the most delicious chawanmushi I’ve ever tasted. The miso shiru & salad was decent. After that, we tried the chicken yakitori, grilled salmon, miso glazed unagi, crab & prawn tempura covered with almond slices (loved it), wakame salad topped with jellyfish (if I’m not mistaken), cha soba topped with quail egg, assorted sashimi and some beef dish in sweet sauce. Overall, I was very satisfied with the meal, and the price we paid was still reasonable considering the quality we got. For the finisher, we got a complimentary dessert: coconut ice cream in plum sauce, which also tasted delicious. Tsukinofune will surely become one of my favorite places for Japanese fusion cuisine.

  • tsukinofune-beef
  • tsukinofune-chawanmushi
  • tsukinofune-chicken-yakitori
  • tsukinofune-coconut-ice-cream
  • tsukinofune-grilled-salmon
  • tsukinofune-maki-sushi
  • tsukinofune-salad
  • tsukinofune-salad-2
  • tsukinofune-sashimi
  • tsukinofune-soba
  • tsukinofune-tempura
  • tsukinofune-unagi
  • tsukinofune-wakame-salad

Tsukinofune Tokyo Dining
Hotel Ambhara Level Floor
Jl. Iskandarsyah Raya No.1
Jakarta 12160
ph. +62 21 2700709 (Direct) 2700800 ext 1977
fx. +62 21 2700738

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  • Ben Setiadi

    Wow so interesting cuisines and very beautiful photos… the most important thing is the taste… right? I’m gonna try.

  • veny

    aduh cakep sekali bento nya !

  • mow

    the best Japanese fusion in Jkt! should try their toro butter fondue, crab croquette, ebi curry fondue, and gyu-tan!

  • indrahalim

    Mantap kali nih…aduh….cakep plus pastinya enak sekali..mau deh mencoba kesini..memang mantap mantap nih jenz punya referensi..

  • dinosh

    jen, disana yg paling enak teriyaki beef dan sukiyaki fried ricenya.
    super empuk n sausnya pas!

  • AA

    Di sana paling mantap tsukinofune ramen and tsukinofune roll!! Ama wagyu ramen :D. The best in town:)

  • Greenspot

    Must try!! One of the best, thelunch set even better

  • cindy

    The resto is no longer at Ambhara Hotel & the new location (if there’s any) is not yet known.. 🙁
    What a pity, was gonna try it for new year’s lunch..

  • weka

    went to Tsukinofune on the 30th of December to try their Bento/lunch set for the first and last time, I’m sad and happy at the same time. it’s a pity that they have to closed down 🙁

  • Haikal

    Anyone know where (if any) the new location is? This was easily my favorite Japanese restaurant in Jakarta…

  • freizer

    The chef went back to japan. Or so I heard… So I don’t think they’re reopening. Bummer!

  • Michael

    go to Kamogawa in Pavilion,the chef moved there

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