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March 5, 2009 | Chinese Cuisine, CUISINE, Kaki Lima, Medan, Rice

Selat Panjang

Last month, we took a short trip to Medan, where we checked in to a budget hotel called Wisma Sederhana located on Selat Panjang street. The street have been long known as a place to go for good food. At night, the street is packed with stalls selling all kinds of dishes ranging from bakpao, chicken rice, congee, stir fried dishes and many more. Below are some of the food we’ve managed to cover in two nights.

Kede Bubur
The first thing we tried was chicken congee. I’ve eaten this congee since my childhood. It has raw egg added in it just before serving. Besides congee, they also have Pek Cam Ke, fish congee, prawn congee, crab congee, chicken noodles, nasi tim ayam and Hainamnese chicken rice. To accompany the congee, we ordered a plate of Pek Cam Ke. Turned out, it was not as good as I remembered. And the dish was quite pricey.

Kede Bubur
Jl. Selat Panjang No.11 Medan
Opening hours 15:00-22:30
Branch: Jl. Mangkubumi No. 16A Medan
(next to BII bank)
Operating hours 07:00-16:00

Chicken Rice

One of my favorite dishes in this street is chicken rice. My friend suggested to order chicken rice from restaurant number 14. Medan’s chicken rice is quite different with hainamnese chicken rice or nasi tim ayam.The rice is very fragrant and not mushy at all and usually comes with a small plate of mixed dishes, which differs from stall to stall. No 14’s chicken rice (20K) was quite good and the accompanying dishes was excellent. They put hipio together with tea egg, sambal goreng pete, chicken liver, etc. The other night we ordered the chicken rice from no 03, and got a delicious pork satay & pork rendang as accompanying dishes. 🙂

chicken rice

Martabak Piring

At the end of the road, the was two martabak sellers that was quite different from what we usually find in Jakarta. It is called martabak piring since it is made in aluminium plates. We bought a thin and crispy martabak to sample (3K). It was quite delicious and remind me of martabak tipker / lekker back at Jakarta.


Damai / Ho Pheng

Near the martabak stall, at the T-intersection, there is a place called Damai (Ho Pheng), offering assorted Chinese pies/cakes such as moon cake (when it’s in season), Lou Pho Piang (老婆饼 / wives cake). They also had bakpao (包子) and pork siumai (燒賣). I’ve always like Damai’s pork siumai back in Jakarta, which in my opinion, is the most delicious siumai I had ever tasted, especially when it’s still hot 🙂


Ho Pheng
Jl. Bogor No.39
ph. +62(61)4144591-4148985

Ba Pao Kaca Mata

Across the hotel, there’s a Bakpao/baozi (包子) seller that seems to have been a fixture on Selat Panjang forever. My friend reminded me not to forget sampling this one as it is one of the best bakpao in Medan. They got steamed pork, Charsiu (叉烧), black bean (Dou sha / 豆沙) & lotus seeds (莲蓉) as the fillings. The price was about 6-7K for a piece of bun. We tried it and I have to admit that the bun itself was delicious. It was soft, yet not too fluffy. The ingredients were also delicious.

bakpao kacamata

Bak Pao Kacamata
Jl. Selat Panjang No.34
ph. +62(61)322480

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  • nanlimo

    salam kenal dari blog budaya,seni,dan wisata kabupaten kuantan singingi

  • V

    Jenyyy! Thanks postingnya. Gue jadi pengen bikin nasi hainam tapi sampingannya selain ayam pake telor teh. Gue ada bumbu telor teh tapi gak pernah tau mo dimakan sama apa. Thanks Jen!!

  • jenz

    cobain pake nasi ayam ala Medan Ven, agak beda dikit dari nasi Hainam, ntar gw PMin resepnya deh. Gw blom coba sih.. kemaren dapet dari nyokap yang abis interogasi penjual nasi ayam 😛

  • Daniel Prawira

    Jenz…mang kl di jakarta Damai (Ho Pheng) ada dimana? gile g ngiler abis ama siomaynya…jd kepengen…itu ada hakau jg ya? tolong bantu info alamatnya ya jenz…thx a lot!!!

  • V

    Ooooh! Mau. Thanks yah, gue tunggu PM-nya. Nyokap lo canggih :))

  • jenz

    @Daniel : klo di Jakarta, rest Damai ada di mangga besar.. sebrangnya Bakso Akiaw

  • Sisca

    Oohh, nyokap lu berhasil dapetin resepnya ya? Bagi dooonnng 😛

  • Kenji

    Jenz, Medan kan terkenal dengan kwetiauwnya. Koq selama 2 hari melanglang-buana di Selat Panjang nggak kelihatan loe mampir makan kwetiauw? 🙂

  • Daniel Prawira

    Thx jenz, ntar kpn2 g coba ah…

  • jimi

    I ALSO LIKE CHICKEN RICE NO.3,the taste is very nice,and the service also very good,,you canalso taste a glass of air jali2

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