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July 18, 2017 | Bali, Events

About two months ago, we went to Bali to take part in the Ubud Food Festival held on 12-14 May and we spent about two days there to enjoy the festive event. Ubud Food Festival is an annual event by the same people behind Ubud Readers & Writers Festival. It was held at Taman Kuliner Ubud, Indus Restaurant, and other venues around Ubud. The festival featured food talks, cooking classes, demos, food tours, book launches and of course, lots of food to try. So without further ado, here were what we experienced at Ubud Food Festival 2017.

Food Talk
The food talks were held in the Joglo area of Taman Kuliner, but since there were a lot of things I wanted to see, I didn’t spend much time here. But I did spend some time listening to the ‘Coffee talk with Seniman Coffee Studio Bali and Coffeenatics Medan’. It was interesting to know more about what is happening in Indonesia’s coffee scene, plus there was a brewing demonstration by Harris from Coffeenatics.

Teater Kuliner
There were a lot of cooking demos / activities held in this area. We attended some like the Jamu making demonstration, the making of Babi Guling (Balinese suckling pig) by Ibu Ayu Gayatri Kresna from Rumah Intaran, plus the Sambal eating contest by Hot Mama Sambal.

Kitchen Stage
The kitchen stage in Indus Restaurant also hosted cooking demos, but in a more sophisticated atmosphere and can only be accessed with food lover’s day pass or event-specific tickets. We joined several sessions here like, street food session by Arie Parikesit which prepared tahu guling recipe from his mother own recipe, Sambal Smackdown, and Jackfruit class by Moksa, where we got to try some of Moksa’s creations like jackfruit beer, jackfruit tacos and raw and gluten free cheese cake which tasted so good.

Chocolate Blind Tasting by Pipiltin
We also signed up for Chocolate Blind Tasting class organized by Pipiltin Cocoa, which sourced their chocolate directly from chocolate farms all over Indonesia. Some of the chocolate we sampled that day are from Tabanan, Bali, Pidie Jaya, Aceh, Glennmore, East Java and Tamazozo, Flores, and one compound chocolate just so we can differentiate it from coverture chocolate.

100 Maknyuss Joglosemar
On the second day, there was also the launching of a new book in 100 Maknyuss series by Bondan Winarno, Harry Nazarudin & Lidia Tanod held at Rumah Kayu. The book is called 100 Maknyuss Joglosemar which provides information about where and what to eat in Jogjakarta, Solo & Semarang. The book also includes recipes and is available in English and Indonesian editions.

The Food
We tried several dishes that were sold in stalls around the event. Among the dishes we tried were cakes/cookies from Bali Buda’s stall, Nasi Goreng Bongkot (spicy fried rice with torch ginger, served with shredded chicken and prawn crackers) & Nasi Campur Mr. Wayan (nasi gurih, lawar kenus, gurita suna cekuh and served with shredded chicken) from Mr. Wayan’s stall, Stark Beer, brown rice & caramelized tempe gelato from Gelato Secret and manual brewed Gayo coffee from Coffeenatics’ coffee corner. What I like was that the food was served in an organic plate made from coconut/banana leaves which is more environmental friendly.

Pasar Senggol
In the afternoon there were several stalls that sold traditional Balinese street food. We found an array of Jajeh Bali that looked very appetizing, grilled octopus satay and what impressed me most is the Tipat Blayag which is a traditional dish from Buleleng/Singaraja consisting of rice cakes topped with blanched vegetables, fried peanuts and served with a thick and spicy sauce. Two days later, I tried to find the dish in several locations in Denpasar, but nothing came close to the one I tried in UFF Ubud.

Overall, we really enjoyed the festival. There are a lot to learn about Indonesian food and its sustainability. We are looking forward to the next event in 2018.

Taman Kuliner
Jalan Raya Sanggingan No. 88X
Ubud, Bali 80571

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