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July 6, 2010 | JAKARTA, Japanese & Korean Cuisine, Seafood

I’ve been wanting to visit this place for a long time after hearing so many rave reviews from our friends. But since Umaku is located so far away in Cibubur, I haven’t got the time to go there until last month when I, SC, and a couple of friends managed to go there. Umaku is located at ruko Citra Gran Cibubur. The place is not big, but looked roomy enough because of the high ceiling effect. The interior is quite unusual as the wall is pasted with lots of japanese newspapers and the ceiling is decorated with various sizes of paper lanterns. There’s a small sushi bar on one side of the room. It’s an interesting place to eat: simple, cozy, neat, and not pretentious at all.

The menu is divided in several category: sushi & sashimi, makimono, fushion roll (contemporary sushi), agemono, menrui (noodles), washoku (hot side), yaki meshi (fried rice), yaki mono, salada, misoshiru. There are also set menus, but since I’m too overwhelmed by the menu, we trust what the sushi chef gave us. So, for appetizer we had Geso su miso ae 22K (I love this one so much, it was scallops and onion leaves drenched in miso, vinegar & mirin mixes) and sake salada 27K. After that were several sushi & sashimi selections, such as: sashimi moriawase jyo 38K, nigiri sushi jyo 54K, volcano sushi 29K, spider roll 32K, california roll 24K, scallop grill (die die must try!) 54K. Since we love the saba sashimi 29K so much, we ordered 2 more portion of it. The fusion sushi weren’t bad at all. I usually don’t like fusion sushi, but I’ll make an exception this time.
While eating, we watched the chef prepare the salmon. The fish looked so fresh and they gave us a complimentary dish of … (I don’t know the name 🙁 they said it’s some part of the salmon) that tasted so delicious. After that, two portions of sake kabutoyaki 19K were served. It was so delicious, we ate until the last pieces 🙂 Overall we were very satisfied with this place, and most of all, the price is so reasonable compared to those sushi sejuta umat restaurants. Unfortunately, since it was too far away, we can’t visit it often. I hope the owner will consider opening another branch in town soon 🙂

Umaku Sushi Resto
City Walk Block CW I No.26
Citra Gran Cibubur
p. +62 21 8430 3732
f. +62 21 8430 3733

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  • christina

    Halo lagi Jen..
    Cuma dua kata: Wow..impressive!
    Thanks buat liputannya 🙂

  • Felix

    Hi Jen, agree completely. I live in Cibubur area and I come here once a week. All my friends who I recommend to come here are satisfied!

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