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November 8, 2005 | Central jakarta, JAKARTA, Thai & Vietnam Cuisine

Last Monday 31/10 SC & I joined some friends for dinner, before that we already have a marvelous dinner at SC’s home, so we didn’t planned to eat much there. When we arrived at the restaurant, they already start eating, so we only ordered drink “Ice lemon grass tea”(12K), and then tasted a little bit here and there… 🙂

Below are the list of what we tasted that night (if I’m not mistaken ya :P) : for appetizers : Goi Cuon (fresh spring roll filled with shrimp, chicken, egg and vegetables 18K), Chao Tam (shrimp paste rolled around sugar cane, grilled to golden brown 22K), Cha cua (crab cakes 20K), Bo Du Du (green papaya and beef salad 22K). For the main course, we tasted : Bo Nuong Xa (Barbeque NZ beef ribs grilled with caramel & lemongrass 45K), Pho Bo (beef noodle soup served with Australian sliced beef, brisket, vietnam basil, corriander leavers, onions and scallion 37K), Pho Ga (chicken noodle soup served with chicken, onions, orange leaves, corriander leaves and scallion 30K). For desert, we tasted : Mango Sticky Rice (17K), Banana Crepe (served with a choice of chocolate or vanilla ice cream 17K), Creme Brulee (12K). One of our friends bought a box of J.CO Donut, so we tasted it too 🙂 hehehe after that, i feel very full … in my oppinion all the meal at vietopia were delicious, I especially like the lemon grass ice tea (very fresh), creme brulle, all the spring rolls… hehehe worth to try 🙂


Jl. Cikini Raya No. 33
Telp: (021) 391-5893

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  • flona

    enak ya? koq gag ada kata2nya?

  • Jenz

    enak flo 🙂 hehehe ntar gw tulisin deh kata2nya….. lagi males mode nih….

  • Mimi Hitam

    Itu yang nomor dua deret paling kanan, telor mata sapi didandani ya hehehehe…

  • Jenz

    bukan telor mata sapi ah…. itu daging yang dicincang en di dandanin kaya matanya sapi 🙂

  • sopjagung

    hihihihi, itu bukan telor mata sapi kok, tapi gue lupa namanya apaan. Itu apa sih jen?

  • Jenz

    kalo ga salah tebak sih ini termasuk appetizer ya kalo ga salah sih Cha Cua (crab cakes)

  • james

    Whoa…. who are you? a food heaven adorer?haha… maybe we can meet one day for a one day food trip all over jakarta, shall we? nice to discover ur blog though….

  • Jenz

    hehehe I’m just a girl who likes to eat 🙂

  • Elisa sutanudjaja

    I’m going to have dinner there.
    I’ve been trying to find a good quality of pho, hope I can find it at vietopia.

  • james

    hai jenz….yesterday i tried 2find vietopia, but i dont know whethermy eyes are blured or smthing, i cannot find it. whr iz it actually? after tan ek tjoan bakery ruko or before?
    have u tried kikugawa near cikini 4?

  • Jenz

    be4 tan ek tjoan, just 2 or 3 doors from “bakoel kopi”. I agree the sign is rather small 🙂

  • james

    the pho was okay, the hmmm what did they call that… beef steak sliced and served over various vegetables w/ vinegar sauce… was great…. but most of all, the ice vietnam coffee…better than any franchised coffee stalls in indo hehe…. worth2try and also reasonable price.
    kikugawa jenz….when do u plan 2expose?

  • Khanh

    You might want to try the authentic PHO from Vietnam where the President Clinton and His daughter Chelsea Clinton visited during their trip to Vietnam. It is called PHO 2000, and it has just opened its first door in Jakarta at Pondok Indah Mall 2. I heard PHO 2000 is one of top tourist eating destination in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

  • syntia

    jen…review pho 2000 dunk!
    noodle soup nya enakan mana compare w/ vietopia?

  • sopjagung

    gue blum pernah coba pho 2000, tapi kalo gue bilang sih vietopia kalah sama do an rasanya.

  • Tjing2

    2 weeks ago, i went a visit there during lunch time. Since it said ‘better to make reservation to avoid peak lunch break queu’ i did it. I got the table for two at the corner beside the colomn, the table was too small i think…even for two, considering the plates and other kitchenette were quite big ;D hehehe..just a comment! We ordered Papaya salad for starter, Pho Bo and the Fried fish with sweet-sour sauce (I forgot the title)…The salad was great as starter (maybe better if they can add more chilies), the Pho Bo was could smell the beef strongly (maybe too strong), the fish was the winner, crunchy and the sauce was very delicious (i even asked for more..he3)..Above all the food, i gave the coffee 2 thumbs up!! It’s chocolaty flav was so strong in my taste bud, i don’t know for others..but, since i’m a coffee freak, its one of a good coffee to try..

  • sopjagung

    Tjing, kalo sempet, coba bandingin dong Pho Bo-nya sama bikinan Do An yang ada di Mal Artha Gading atau di Kelapa Gading Boulevard, pengen tahu komentar loe

  • Tjing2

    Sopjagung..thanks 4 your suggest, last time when i visited Do An i didn’t order Pho Bo..Will try next visit..and surely will post my comment after :p

  • Minn

    halo Jen!
    love your site! udah pernah coba Pho 24? di daerah Santa, cabang langsung dari Vietnam. Kaldunya itu lho..nyamm.Very agreeable to me.

  • Widyar Suryasim

    Apparently most of you guys haven’t tried Do An’s Iced Coffee. Personally, it’s the best iced coffee in town. The food is also better than most vietnamese restaurants in Jakarta.

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