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July 29, 2008 | Chinese Cuisine, JAKARTA, South Jakarta

Last month, After working hour, I’m meeting SC at Mall Ambassador for dinner. The place we chose to have dinner this time is a small place called Wan Toe located at the left corner of the mall. I arrived early and the room was half full. I asked for a table for two in non-smoking section. To my surprise, I was ushered to the very back of the restaurant, where’s there’s only 2-3 table available and with the aircon blowing to the back my head. I was very uncomfortable with this situation & later asked to move to the corner of the smoking section.

Wan Toe

The menu is mostly Asian selection, so I ordered Udang Telor Asin (fried prawn in salted egg sauce) and lindung goreng (deep fried eel) to eat with 2 bowl of rice, plus a plate of durian goreng for dessert. I always looked for udang telor asin first whenever I entered a new restaurant. The udang telor asin was different from the one from Li Yen as they put fried curry leaves on top of the dish, giving it an aromatic smell, but I still prefer Li Yen’s over this one. Their lindung goreng was only OK and a bit on the sweet side. Their dessert was quite oily with average taste. In short, there’s nothing here that makes us want to return. OK, maybe for the Udang Telor Asin, but only for take away order.

Wan Toe
Ruko Mall Ambasador 16
Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio Kav. 8
South Jakarta
ph. +62(21) 576 3101

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  • Jiewa

    OOT : wow.. themenya dah ganti rupanya, tetep minimalis & keren 🙂

  • Benny

    Ummm… gua lupa nama menunya apa, tapi menu favorit gua tahu sutra dengan toping jamur tertentu.
    Ntar kapan-kapan kalo makan lagi gua fotoin deh 😀

  • Susy

    Dulu pernah makan di Wan Toe sebelum direnov spt skarang, malem2 sih sekitar jam 22 gitu deh (kalo gak salah dia buka sampe jam 2 pagi).
    Cuma ada 2 pasang yang lagi makan, termasuk gua.
    Eh pas lagi asik2nya makan, tiba2 di bawah meja pasangan yang satu lagi nyelonong tikus gedeeee… sampe yang cewe nya teriak.
    Gua juga ngeliat dengan mata kepala sendiri.. .langsung deh ilfil dan sampe sekarang ngak mau lagi makan di sono 🙁
    Taste nya sendiri juga so-so, nothing special.

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