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October 8, 2014 | INDONESIAN CUISINE, JAKARTA, No Pork, South Jakarta


Something is different with the recently relaunched Urban Kitchen food court at the Pacific Place mall. Aside from their new industrial look interior, they’ve also introduced a new concept called Waroeng 100 Hari which literally means 100 days eatery. This means that all of the food stands under Waroeng 100 Hari will only be available for 100 days, then, reviewed / replaced with news ones. Waroeng 100 Hari is created to introduce Traditional Indonesian Food that are not always easy to find in modern malls. Currently, there are 6 tenants in operation which are: Soto Mie Sarodja, Ayam Bahagia, Gudeg Huhah, Mbokku Kitchen, Soto Kudus Pak Minto and Empal Gentong Cirebon. All of them are curated by senior foodies from the JalanSutra mailing list.


  • waroeng-100-hari-ayam-goreng-lado-mudo
  • waroeng-100-hari-garang-asam-ayam-kampung
  • waroeng-100-hari-rawon-komplit-mbokku
  • waroeng-100-hari-empal-gentong

I’ve tried several dishes from Waroeng 100 Hari and my favorite is from the Ayam Bahagia stand. They offer West Sumatran Minang rice dishes like ayam bakar bumbu rendang, ayam goreng pariaman, ayam goreng lado mudo and ayam balado. I love their rice dishes with ayam goreng lado mudo. A portion of these dishes costs about 50K, quite pricey, but the portion is generous. It consists of warm rice topped with half a chicken cooked with spicy green chili sambal, jackfruit curry, steam cassava leaves, two types of chili sauce (red & green), cucumber and red crackers. I also like nasi gudeg from Gudeg Huhah as their sambal krecek (spicy braised beef skin) was really hot.


  • kios-tjemtjeman-roti-panggang-selai-lobi-lobi
  • kios-tjemtjeman-pisang-penyet-coklat
  • kios-tjemtjeman-siomay-ayam
  • kios-tjemtjeman-ketan-susu
  • kios-tjemtjeman-es-tjemtjeman

While the tenants in Waroeng 100 Hari all serve main courses, next to them stood Kios TjemTjeman that serve Indonesian traditional snacks and beverages. They have various types of Indonesian tea served in a clay teapot set with rock sugar as sweetener. So far I’ve tried their roti bakar selai lobi-lobi (toast served with jam made from lovi fruit/batoko plum), grilled banana with chocolate rices, and oh, their chicken siomay is really delicious.


  • waroeng-100-hari-ayam-tangkap-atjeh-rayeuk
  • waroeng-100-hari-lontong-sayur-kedai-mamak
  • waroeng-100-hari-nasi-uduk-bang-jali
  • waroeng-100-hari-sop-kambing-dudung-roxy

This October, 100 days after Waroeng 100 Hari opened at the Urban Kitchen, Pacific Place, a refresh has started with new stalls at the place. We went there three days ago to try the new menu. There are six Indonesian food sellers, some are already well known like sop kambing by Dudung Roxy, ayam tangkap by Atjeh Rayeuk, lontong sayur by Kedai Mamak, soto banjar by Nyaman Hj. Amir, nasi uduk by Bang Jali and sotomie Sarodja. That night I tried nasi ayam tangkap 55K, while SC and my foodie friends were having paket nasi uduk Bang Jali 40K, lontong sayur Kedai Mamak 40K and sop kambing Dudung Roxy 60K. I’ve tasted several bites from my friends’ orders and so far, my favorites are the ayam tangkap and lontong sayur. The price is a bit on the high side, but I think it’s worth a try.

Waroeng 100 Hari & Kios TjemTjeman
Urban Kitchen
Pacific Place 5th floor
Jl. Jenderal Sudirman
South Jakarta

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