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October 1, 2006 | INDONESIAN CUISINE

Last weekend we visited Waroeng Eddi for brunch, according to my friend, this place served quite authentic Central Java (Semarang) Cuisine. So we ordered : Nasi Goreng Babat + Zest Tea (Paket B) 15K, Lontong Opor + Sayur 12.5K, Tahu Gimbal Udang 11K and for dessert we ordered: Es Campur ala Gang Lombok 7K. overal the food was not bad at all, but my “nasi goreng” was a little tasteless, but the “babat” was delicious. & my favorite was “es campur gang lombok”. 🙂
Waroeng Eddi

Waroeng Eddi
Masakan Khas Semarang
Jl. Raya Panjang No. 64
West Jakarta
Ph. 70385908

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