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September 9, 2008 | Cirebon, West Java Cuisine

That night, we had dinner at Warung Ayam Goreng & Panggang Bahagia, located at -where else?- Jl. Bahagia. The restaurant is famous for its deep fried chicken. They’re using free range chicken, the chicken was sticked into a stick like satay & fried. We ordered 4 pcs of fried chicken 10K-12K/pcs, several types of satay (sate usus, ampela, etc) 3K/pcs, chicken head 2.5K, tahu – tempe & dage 9K. Overall, the dishes were quite tasty, the lalapan were fresh & generous, although their chilli sauce tasted a bit sweet. After dinner, we found a small place next to this restaurant that serves several types of dessert such as: es kopyor, es tape, es kacang. We ordered a portion of es kopyor & es tape. Both desserts have shocking pink color as they were drenched with pink Tjampolay syrup. The taste was OK, the es tape was unique as they use tape beras instead of tape ketan.

Warung Ayam Goreng & Panggang Bahagia
Asli Ayam Kampung (langgan lama)

Jl. Bahagia No. 69/71
ph. +62(231) 207025

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