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September 2, 2013 | Bandung, Cakes, Bread & Dessert, INDONESIAN CUISINE, International Cuisine, Rice, With Pork

Two weeks ago, we went to Bandung for a friend’s wedding. We decided to go early on Friday morning to avoid the weekend traffic rush, so we arrived at Bandung around noon. After checking in at Concordia hotel, we decided to have something to eat near the place we stay. A friend recommended us to try Warung Ethnic which can be reached within walking distance.

So we went there with several friends. Warung Ethnic is located on a quiet road in Ciumbuleuit area. There’s a gazebo perched in front of the house that serves as the dining area. But my friend informed me later that we can also dine at the back side of the house near the pool. As we didn’t know that, we chose to sit at the gazebo area and begin to look at the menu. The menu covered quite a lot of Indonesian dishes and even some western selections.

Warung Ethnic Bandung

On our friend’s recommendation, we ordered a portion of nasi kuning (yellow colored rice made from turmeric and coconut milk), nasi timbel (Sundanese dishes where the rice were cooked wrapped in banana leaves, nasi tutug oncom (another Sundanese dish that mixed the rice with fried fermented soybean), SC was interested to try their sop buntut (oxtail soup) with red rice. While my friend’s cousin was more interested to try their rosti that is served with beef bacon and egg.

  • warung-ethnic-nasi-timbel
  • warung-ethnic-nasi-tutug-oncom
  • warung-ethnic-roesti
  • warung-ethnic-nasi-kuning
  • warung-ethnic-sop-buntut

We decided to share all those dishes, so we can sample a little bit of everything. The nasi timbel was served with fried chicken, fried salted fish, a slice of fried tempeh and bean curd, and of course sambal terasi (chili sauce with fermented prawn paste). It was delicious, the rice was fragrant, and all of the accompanying dishes were tasty. SC was quite satisfied with his oxtail soup, which he noted to have tender meat and tasty broth. Other dishes were also quite good, although the beef bacon from the rosti was a bit too dry / burnt.

Warung Ethnic

We had a great time there, enjoyed the good food with good friends plus a cold breeze of Bandung that made us relax and quite sleepy. Later that day, I heard from my friend that Warung Ethnic has a separate menu for pork dishes, so SC & I decided to be back the next day. We found out that the house near the gazebo also serves as a dining area and you can also sit at the back terrace overlooking the garden and swimming pool. At first, we decided to sit in the garden but apparently it’s a smoking area, so we decided to move back to the house. We asked for the pork menu and then decided to order pork steak butterfly 85K for SC and a toast with ham and additional omelette 18K for me. The pork loin steak with mushroom sauce came with french fries served in potato basket and tossed salad. It tasted good, but nothing to shout about. Meanwhile I like the toast very much. It was a thick bread, toasted perfectly with ham covered with egg omelette. It tasted so good, I really don’t want think to about the sodium content.



Overall, I think Warung Ethnic serves great meals and the staff are friendly. The only minus point I noted here is that there’s no designated non-smoking area.

Warung Ethnic
Jl. Ranca Bentang no. 18
ph. +62(22) 70832275, 2031608
Operating hours: 07.00-23.00

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  • ruthwijaya

    gue demen deh di warung ethnic ini, Jen… nasi tutug oncomnya juga kerasa kencur banget. Btw, kata Sienny ini sodaraan ama Warkop Purnama, jadi rotinya juga samalah rasanya.

  • Jenz

    @Ruth: Gw taunya juga krn baca Multiplynya Sienny dulu, jadinya malah lebih suka roti bakar di Warung Ethnic drpd yg di Purnama 🙂

  • Mercy

    Jen, ini anaknya Purnama emang tapi emang sekolah masak di Swiss kalo ga salah. Kalo gua selalu pesen ayam penyetnya, enak bangett..

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