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August 12, 2010 | INDONESIAN CUISINE, JAKARTA, Noodle, West Jakarta

I’ve heard about this place for quite some time now, but never had a chance to try it untill last week when traffic forced us to take a detour through the Tomang area and we accidentally found the place. The place is well known for its super duper hot instant noodle as they put so much bird’s eye chilli into the noodle. As I love challenging myself with hot dishes, I really want to try this. Their signature dish is called Indomie Pedas Garuk (25 pcs chilli), Indomie Pedas Gila (50 pcs chilli) and Indomie Pedas Mampus (100 pcs chilli). I ordered the one with 25 pcs chilli and a glass of ice tea. The dish came several minutes later. The noodle looked very red and topped with egg and corned beef. So I took a small bite and it turned out the noodle was very very hot. I can’t even taste anything else besides the chilli. I only managed to eat half of the portion before giving up and I ended up with an upset stomach all night long.

Indomie Abang Adek

Warung Indomie Abang Adek
(behind Roxy Square)
Jl. Mandala Utara No.8 Tomang
West Jakarta
ph +62 (21) 565 7988 | 0815 1019 9224

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  • V

    I do wonder the point of such dishes. I think there’s also a ramen shop with similarly outrageous chili grading system, right?

  • novi

    Jiaaa…kmrn pas ke bdg juga nemu tmpt ini Jen, tergoda banget sm interiornya,kayu, kesannya jadul tp baguus,enak diliat.Tapi sayang, wkt itu pas bgt mau ke undangan jd gagal icip2 di mangkok ayam.Next time kudu mampir niy!:)

  • yulianne

    mendingan makan cabe mentah aja kalo gitu. weird.

  • Baby

    I think the point of this kindda dishes is about challenge? You know.. How far can you go with the hot sensation the chillies put into your tongue 🙂
    Cos I have some friends (and mom) who have-to-add-any-derivatives-of-chili-and-hotter-is-better…
    Bahkan kadang suka nyeleneh dengan ngeledekin kita yang lagi kepedesan dengan takaran cabe yang sedang2 saja haha…

    Because, to be honest.. Eating should be a pleasurable moments, and what kind of pleasure they got when you eat instant noodles with 100 chilies? *rawit lagi??*


    Very nice trick to interest new patronage ya?

    Pertanyaannya, disitu ada menu normal ga Jen? Atau semua menunya sedikit di atas normal gitu?

  • admin

    ada kok menu yg normal 🙂

  • mila

    nelen ludah baca postingan ini.
    definitely will try this :p

  • Melly

    Percaya kalo mienya pedes, merah banget begituu… *cari air putih dingin

  • admin

    @Melly: pernah nyoba? ngga tau deh brapa harganya dengan kondisi harga cabe skarang ;))

  • Ko

    masak indomie goreng biasa pake sambel rica-rica aja gitu mah…

  • bentjoa

    Hi Jeny, this is my 1st time visit to your blog after read abt you at My Jakarta.
    It’s really weird for me to see peoples, esp. girls here, having meals with more and more chillies or chilli sauce. esp when they eat bakso or bakmi. I do agree w/ Baby’s comment that eating should be a pleasureable moments, thus the foods should brings us happiness instead of sending us to spend money for medication or doctor…..
    Yang bener makan bakmi/bakso pake cabe or makan cabe pake bakmi/bakso…..
    Chillies or chilli sauces, ketchup, soysauce, should be treated as condiments, penambah rasa/selera doang, bukan perusak the whole tastes of the food itself.
    well, kembali ke selera masing2 org deh.

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