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June 18, 2009 | Bali, Italian Cuisine

After nasi ayam kedewatan ibu mangku, our next list is Warung Nuri. But since we’ve already eaten at 4 places in less than 6 hours, we decided to skip this one and went directly to Sukawati market for some shopping. From there, we went to Seminyak area. It was almost dinner time when we arrived. I want to have dinner at Bali Deli, but SC wanted to try Warung Italia, so we went there first.
Warung Italia
It has a warm and cozy ambience. They serve decent Italian fares such as salads, pizza, lasagna, pasta etc at an affordable price. SC ordered fresh gnocchi (a kind of Italian thick dumpling) with fungi sauce 30K and lemon squash 8K. He found the gnocchi to be quite delicious. I tried it a little and didn’t like the gnocchi’s texture, although I loved the creamy mushroom sauce. I think I will try this place again the next time we visit Bali.

Warung Italia
Jl. Kunti No.2
Seminyak – Kuta – Bali
ph. +62(361) 737437

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  • wawabear

    Wah Jen, kalo gw dah di indo, makanan itali bener2 very2 last option..hahaha..i wish perutnya masih muat setelah nasi babi guling, nasi ayam ect2,..itupun kalo rela, lebih rela sedikit celah dalam perut pun diisi babi guling! hehehehe

  • rain

    omigod, 4 places in less than 6 hours??
    jen, gimana sih jaga kolesterol dan berat badannya?

  • rande

    One of my fave place to hang out. good Italian food with great affordable price.
    Murmer abis, but don’t axpect to get a warm and nice service.. rata” pada tampang muka jutek.

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