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November 10, 2010 | Bali, Italian Cuisine

That night, we planned to have dinner with several friends at an Italian restaurant called Ultimo in Seminyak area. But when we got there, we found out that the place was very crowded and there were a number of people queuing in front of the place. So, we switched to Warung Italia instead. The place is known for its affordably priced Italian food. We ordered gnochi di patate and quatro formaggi pizza (family size, cost about 75K) for the seven of us. Since we’re already very hungry, we went to the buffet corner and ordered several types of Italian dishes like lasagna to eat while we waited. When the pizza came, we were surprised by the size of it. The diameter is nearly 50cm! It’s the biggest pizza I’d ever seen. The taste was also delicious. So we laughed and ate untill we felt very full. It was a fun night. 🙂

Quatro Formagi Warung Italia

Warung Italia
Jl. Kunti No.2
Seminyak – Kuta – Bali
ph. +62(361) 737437

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  • Maria

    Akhirnyaaaa… posting yang ditunggu tiba, hehehe…. Masih berkesan banget pizza nya, ukuran dan rasanya itu loh… Real Italiano 🙂

  • adeline

    Warung favoritku di bali juga nih jen… 🙂 cobain panata-nya cream nya jg lumayan ko..

  • anteos

    warung italia is one of the suckiest pizza place in bali. go and visit cafe marzano, its located at the double6 street.

    cafe italia is nothing to compare with cafe marzano.

  • paijo

    ngenceeesss pingin coba nih…..

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