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December 21, 2010 | Bali, Balinese Cuisine, Chicken/Beef/Mutton, INDONESIAN CUISINE

From Warung Mak Beng, I went to Khrisna & Airlangga to do some shopping. It was already lunch time when I finished, so I went to Warung Pojok at Jl. Gajahmada – Denpasar to eat, but apparently the place was closed for 2 days. I then decided to have lunch at Warung Jerman (Jeruk Manis) located at Renon area. One of their specialities is Ayam Bakar Plecing 25K. I ordered that and waited for about 15 minutes for the meal to be prepared. In my opinion the meal was just decent, but not something to die for. It was not too spicy & a bit tangy. On the plus side, their nasi campur Bali looked quite good (I didn’t try it) and their es daluman was delicious.

Ayam Bakar Plecing Warung Jerman

Warung Jerman (Jeruk Manis)

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  • V

    hahaha, Jerman = Jeruk Manis. I was expecting to see some wurst so I had to do a double take :))

  • Cooking Gallery

    Dikirain beneran warung ‘Jerman’, ternyata oh ternyata ;). Tp ayam bakar nya kayaknya enak bgt :D)!

  • leo

    Makjang, itu kepala ayamnya keliatan juga… btw koq pas banget yah gw juga post jerman pub haha..

  • admin

    @Leo: hehehe… ini asli masakan Bali/Lombok kok. Namanya aja Warung Jerman, singkatan dari “Warung JERuk MANis”, abis ini gw baru post ttg rest German di Bali 🙂

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