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May 19, 2012 | Beverages, Cakes, Bread & Dessert, INDONESIAN CUISINE, Medan


After the first round of breakfast at RM Memeng, we were planning to go to GANDA bakery for some srikaya bread, but our friend told us that there’s a coffee shop not far from GANDA which have a good srikaya (coconut jam) toast and coffee, so we changed our destination.


The coffee shop is called Warung Kopi Sedap, an old school coffee-shop unlike those fancy kopitiams often found in Jakarta. There’s a traditional charcoal grill outside the shop which is used to make the toast. So we ordered a cup of kopi o (black coffee) and Srikaya toast. I’m not an expert in coffee, so I can only say that I like their coffee. It has a mild body and medium acidity. The srikaya toast was no doubt delicious, prepared in the traditional way with old style thick bread, and the homemade srikaya was also very good. Naturally, they have some srikaya jars available for sale, but I was in hurry that day, so I think I’ll be back some day for the Srikaya 🙂

Warung Kopi Sedap
Jln. Sutomo No. 97
Pematang Siantar
North Sumatra

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  • ivanella pane

    try kedai kopi ‘akur’ at Labuhan Batu, Rantau Prapat, North Sumatra…the Sarikaya bread was more crispy and more tasty than kedai ‘sedap’ 🙂

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