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September 11, 2009 | Chicken/Beef/Mutton, East Java Cuisine, JAKARTA, North Jakarta

The next day, we returned to the same row of shophouses in PIK, wanting to try other restaurants in the area. Our first stop was Bakmi Tan, which wasn’t successful (23K for a bowl of so so wonton noodle) 🙁 After that, I insisted to go to Warung Leko. As the weather wasn’t too hot, we chose to sit outside and ordered a portion of Iga Penyet (spicy) 25K with es cincao 5K and es susu tarik 5.5K. It didn’t take too long for our orders to arrive. From the looks of it, Leko’s portion size is more generous than Tekko’s. The meat was also tender, but Leko uses less spice so we can still taste the meat’s flavor. The chili was bearable this time, but that’s because I don’t have enough courage to order the super hot chili sauce :D. Overall, we liked this place better than Warung Tekko.

Warung Leko

Warung Leko
Spesialis : Iga Sapi Penyet

Pantai Indah Kapuk
Ruko Cordoba F-19 (pindahan dari F-11)
ph. +62(21) 97797707

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  • V

    Overall, we liked this place better than Warung Tekko.
    Is it because they didn’t call you Tante? 😀
    Anyway, amazing entry Jen. The two places are so similar down to their food styling. It’s amazing that despite the similarities people do pick up on the subtle differences.

  • Angella

    Finally..somebody with the same opinion as I do. I prefer warung leko

  • chrissie

    Agree…I still can taste the meat’s flavor too… 🙁

  • jenz

    @Chrissie: I thought it’s a good thing that the spice was not overpowering, so that you can still taste the real meat flavor. 🙂

  • Daniel Prawira

    Yes, I also prefer leko than tekko. The sambal is really good. Tekko ga nendang sambelnya en had a strange smell in their sambel. 4 me leko is the best.

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