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January 3, 2011 | Bali, Balinese Cuisine

On our way back to Kuta, I still wanted to look for a place that serves Buleleng dishes. Our driver, who is already quite tired of our non-stop eating places, insisted that the place is quite far. Luckily, I spotted the road’s name on the map and it turned out that it was not so far from Renon. So we went to Warung Mira. This is definitely not a place for tourists. The place itself looked very ordinary, quite dirty and with a swarm of flies, which upon further inspection, turned out to be bees. The patrons were all Balinese. We ordered a paket nasi 13K which consisted of rice topped with sudang lepet (a kind of fried salted fish with chilies), jukut undis (looked like black bean soup) and plecing kangkung (already sold out). SC was interested in Rawon Pangi 7K (pork rawon). I’m not really sure I liked the dish, but maybe it was just I’m not use to/never tried it before, While SC claimed that their Rawon Pangi tasted delicious. 🙂

Paket Nasi Warung Mira

Rawon Pangi Warung Mira

Warung Mira
Jl. Katrangan 41
ph. +62 361 231953

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