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October 12, 2008 | Central jakarta, East Java Cuisine, INDONESIAN CUISINE, JAKARTA, Kaki Lima

Last month, we visited a place called Warung Ngalam (reversed from the word ‘Malang’, a city in East Java). Located in the parking lot of Midori Restaurant & Bersih Sehat Massage, this place turned out to be a new business from Bersih Sehat Group. The interior is created to resemble a warung, but it’s much cleaner & cozier. They offer various types of East Java cuisine such as: sop iga 17K, rawon 15K, soto ayam 12K, soto sulung 16K, sop buntut 29K, iga goreng 26K, buntut goreng 30K, lontong cap go meh 14K, tahu telor 10K, tahu gunting 10K, cwie mie (10-14K), pecel 9K, rujak cingur 15K, etc. The rice is priced at 3K and we can take as much as we want. That night, we ordered their Rawon & Cwie Mie, both of them tasted above average. We went back a week later and ordered their tahu telor. It was just so so, taste more like tofu omelette than tahu telor. The service & price are very reasonable, so we’ll be back to try their other menus.
Warung Ngalam

Warung Ngalam
Masakan Khas Jawa Timur

Jl. K.H. Wahid Hasyim No.106 Menteng
Central Jakarta 10340
ph. +62(21) 391-2483

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  • Wisa

    hmm.. pgn cobain lontong cap go meh-nya. lebih enak mana ya sana lontong cap go meh Depot Surabaya di Jl. Muwardi Grogol? sudah pernah ke sana Jenz? lebih mantap dan lebih murah dibanding yg di Bu Endang.

  • rudi

    saya sudah pernah coba ini warung ngalam, kok biasa saja ya.saya kemaren malah coba di jalan sabang ada resto rawon setan mbak endang.nyobain rawon iga temen saya iga penyet,enak banget lho,udah nyobain belom jen?murmer.ngalam biasa aja sih menurut gw

  • Arland

    Pernah makan disana, lumayan sih tempatnya..enak dan bersih…. btw gw share info dan gambarnya di artikel gw yah… tks

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