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May 29, 2011 | Balinese Cuisine, JAKARTA, North Jakarta, With Pork

Once we finished looking around in the Wine & Cheese Expo, I asked SC whether he wanted to try Warung Nuri’s ribs or not, and he said OK. So we went to the newly opened eatery located at Kelapa Gading boulevard. We haven’t visited Naughty Nuri’s Warung at Ubud, Bali, yet. So we took the opportunity to try it here in Jakarta. The place was quite crowded when we arrived that afternoon, so we headed to the second story where there were still several tables availables.

Naughty Nuri's Warung

There’s not much to say about the interior, only it was dark and quite hot (even though all aircons were running). We ordered one spare ribs 90K to share. When it came there were only one large ribs on the plate without any veggie or fries. When I took the pics of the ribs, a plate of potato wedges 15K was placed on our table and I thought, maybe this is the side dish. Later, we found out the fries was someone’s else order, but since we’ve already ate it, we didn’t mind when it was added in our bill. To be honest, the ribs was tender, but I don’t really like the BBQ sauce as it only tasted sweet. Portion-wise, Nuri’s ribs are bigger, but if I have to choose, I’d prefer Bebi Dogen.

Warung Nuri’s Jakarta
Bulevar Kelapa Gading TB 2 No 27
Jakarta 14240
ph. +62 21 4520380
Business Hour: 10.00 am – 10.00 pm

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  • Cilla

    Yup.. agree, the BBQ sauce is just to sweet.. prefer something spicier.. jadi pingin coba bebi dogen 😀 tapi jauh 🙁

  • masmas

    i think it’s called Warung Nuri’s instead of Nury’s 😛

  • garoto_bonitao

    agree too sweet , and compare to original nuri’s the portion is also smaller.

    will try the bebi dogen

  • Natasha

    Setujuuu…. Rasanya kebanyakan kecap manis. Terus waktu kita kasi tau encinya ( yang jaga ) dia mala bilang “iya soalnya disesuaikan sama lidah orang jakarta” -_____- kayanya sama-sama orang Indonesia, lidahnya sama – sama aja deh.

  • Rubs

    Words on the street, Warung Nuri in Jakarta is not an extension of the one in Bali. In fact a friend of mine asked the owner in Bali, and she never gave out any franchise permit for her Warung Nuri. That might explain the differing taste. I recall it was way better in Bali. I’ll do a live report when Im there this Thursday =)

  • MuLan

    yg di bali alamatnya dmn? info ya… tq

  • Fanny

    Jen, try Ribs & Bier Co. Kelapa Gading. Its located near the sport club entrance (Klub Kelqpa Gading). They also serve pork ribs.

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