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January 5, 2011 | Bali, Balinese Cuisine

We spend our last day in Bali with Nath & her family, guided by Angga (Kemari event & travel assistance 0361 7416872). That day was reserved for trying Bali’s staple dishes: babi guling (Balinese suckling pig). Our first stop is at Warung Pak Dobiel, Nusa Dua. I’ve heard some of my friends said that this place serves better Babi Guling than the famous one at Ubud. After asking first for the price (we were told that we have to ask first for the price, or else we may be charged higher than the bill should be). We got a price of 30K for a portion of nasi campur babi guling + soup and mineral water. So we ordered five portions. In my opinion, the dish was good, but I still prefer Bu Oka‘s suckling pig than Pak Dobiel’s. 🙂

Babi Guling Pak Dobiel

Warung Babi Guling Saridewi Pak Dobiel
Jl. Srikandi no 9
Nusa Dua.
ph. 0361 771633

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  • ruth

    oh gw baru nyadar, pantes pas gw abis makan lo nanya berapa harganya…
    gw waktu itu kena 20rb, pakai sate. ada yg 15rb gak pake sate.

    gw salah satu yg bilang ini lebih enak dari bu Oka… :)) abis bu Oka jauh sih… klo nginepnya di Ubud, barulah bu Oka lebih enak dr pak Dobiel *kurang perjuangan gitu deh*

  • Ko

    in my opinion, P Dobiel has better (stronger) herbs in his Bigul recipe. of course it’s preferable by local Balinese (catered to hotel staff people).
    Bu oka’s probably milder.
    Tjandra more towards Chinese taste (some people’s opinion)
    but if i have to choose i prefer tjandra (by value: portion, price, taste, cleanliness)

  • nyo

    for lovers of bigul in particular Balinese cuisine, just try bigul in warung anyar it seems to me pretty good price is also affordable only 18K includes mineral water, clean place, close to the airport, and the discovery mall, approximately 300 meters from Kuta royal keselatan, name of the street jalan kubu anyar. satisfactory service

  • adi

    harganya ga stabil,tergantung yg makan
    tergolong mahal
    gw lebih suka bigul candra,harga sama rata buat semua dan rasa jg ok

  • arman

    lebih enak bu ella 15ribu seberang pom bensin daerah jimbaran uluwatu

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