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October 10, 2006 | Bali, Balinese Cuisine, INDONESIAN CUISINE, No Pork, Rice

One of our missions in Bali is to try out authentic Balinese cuisine, so the next day we jumped on a bemo and headed to Denpasar. We wanted to try 2 restaurants serving halal version of ‘Nasi Campur Bali’: “Warung Satria” and “Warung Wardani”. Our first stop was Warung Satria. The place was still empty since we arrived early. So we ordered ‘Nasi Campur Special’ (steamed rice served with shredded chicken in spicy sambal, lawar, balinese spicy egg, plecing kacang panjang, sate lilit ikan, fried prawn, complete with sambal matah) 16K. The meal came in quite a generous portion + a bowl of ‘ares’ (edible banana stem) soup. It was delicious and the ‘sate lilit’ (Balinese grilled fish satay) is the best compared to sate lilit from all other places we’ve tried in Bali.

warung satria

Warung Satria
Jl. Kedondong no.11 A ph. +62(361) 235993
Jl. WR. Supratman no.254 Tohpati ph. +62(361) 464602
Jl. Koripan No.2 Kuta ph. +62(361 762496

warung wardaniAfter that we walked pass ‘satria art market’ to Jl. Yudistira where there’s another place called “Warung Wardani” that also serves ‘Halal’ Nasi Campur Bali. Again, we ordered ‘Nasi Campur’ 16K. We were quite disappointed when our order came. The side dishes looked relatively sparse compared to what we had at Warung Satria and the taste is nothing to write home about. Its sate lilit tasted more like pempek than true sate lilit. I guess our review wouldn’t be as harsh if we tried this one first instead of Warung Satria, but overall it was still worth to try. 🙂

Warung Wardani
Jl. Yudistira 2
Denpasar Bali
ph. +62(361) 224398

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  • alaya

    i love nasi campur in warung satria. big portion (sometimes not able to finish it) and very tasty 🙂

  • ijoel

    Hai Jen..long time no see
    Your Blog is still the best especially buat gue yg tukang makan..trkhr gue comment Bubur Laota..thank u reply nya.
    Gue jg suka nasi wardhani,jarang dapet nasi bali yg halal tp warung satria lebih enak ya??next kalo kebali lg gue coba
    Thank u jen..keep up the good work

  • herman tanggar

    wah udah lama endak pernah mampir ke sana…kangen sama warung satria….
    karena tidak pernah jalan lewat sana sih waktu jam makan siang…hehehehe…jan juga ni warung sering mendadak tutup tampa pemberi tahuan terlebih dahulu….bdw emang warung satria masalah nasi campur bali memang tetap mak nyus….

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