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March 26, 2015 | Central Java Cuisine, INDONESIAN CUISINE, Tangerang

Usually, whenever we went to Alam Sutra area, my first choice to eat is at my favorite Minang restaurant called Indah Jaya Minang (read the review HERE). One day last week though, I decided to try a place that have long been recommended by my fellow JalanSutra’s friend, Harry Nazarudin. It is an eatery located at Pasar 8 Alam Sutra called Warung Sop Ayam Pak No Solo.


So we went there and found a place in the corner that was crowded with customers. Since I’ve never been there before, I asked the server what’s on their menu. Just like the name suggested, they serve sop ayam (chicken soup) with various chicken parts like chicken cubes, skin, uritan (pre-mature chicken eggs), heads, thighs, breasts, feet and brutu (AKA chicken butt). So I ordered a portion of sop daging 17K with additional chicken skin and uritan.


The dish came pretty quick. It was still steaming hot and the aroma is so good. The soup is not a clear-type soup, a bit cloudy from the use of some spices like nutmeg, cinnamon, pepper, etc. in the broth. It was truly tasty, I think I can eat the soup alone with rice. The chicken chunks and parts were also tender and delicious. I like to dump my rice into the soup bowl so I can eat thoroughly. There were also some pickles, lime and chili sambal to add to your preferences.


Turned out this Warung Sop Ayam Pak No Solo is a branch of a popular eatery in Jl. Ahmad Yani Lokananta, Solo. No wonder this place is always jam-packed and they are usually sold out not long after lunch hour. So whenever you’re in Alam Sutera area around breakfast and lunch time, do give this place a try and you won’t be disappointed.

Warung Sop Ayam Pak No Solo
Ruko Pasar 8 Blok RE 1
Alam Sutra

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