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June 12, 2009 | Bali, Balinese Cuisine, With Pork

We headed to Ubud the next day. Our first stop is Warung Teges which was recommended by a friend for its delicious urutan (Balinese sausages). When we arrived, it was still early (around 10AM in the morning), We only ordered one portion of nasi campur Bali for two, considering our ambitious list of dishes to try that day. The dish came in an ingka (woven coconut leaves spine) plate layered with banana leaf. The warm rice is topped with lawar, tum ayam, urutan, grilled pork slices, gorengan and sambal matah (19K including drinks). In my opinion the dish tasted delicious, although the urutan is a bit tough. I love their sambal matah so much and I think it might be the best I’ve ever tasted so far. The sambal is not too oily with strong hint of lime. It tasted light & fresh, yet still spicy enough. I’m already missing it now 🙂
Warung Teges

Warung Makan Teges
Masakan Khas Bali
Jl. Cok Rai Pudak, Br. Teges,
Peliatan Ubud – Gianyar
ph. +62(361) 975251

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  • V

    Oooh! That is one drool-worthy picture!

  • jenz

    Thanks V, klo lo ke Bali, kudu nyoba deh.. recommended by G

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